Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good Bye Picnik :(

Posted By: Leah
So don't even lie. You know you love picnik just as much as I do. And you were crushed when you got the e-mail that they were shutting down the site April 19. (Wait, you didn't know? Yeah it's real :(
BUT good news, is all their premium features (like backgrounds, editing tools etc) are now FREE until picnik ends. YAY!

In the spirit of getting the most out of Picnik I have made a ton of buttons for the new series I'm going to have on my blog. It's called "Making Pinterest Real."

I make sooo much stuff I see on pinterest. Sometimes I blog about it, sometimes not. But I think I should give pinterest a little more credit, obviously. So here are a few of the buttons I've made. I think it would be wayy more fun to have a new button for each item, right?

I already have two v-day projects coming up soon... I figured I'd theme out the button, and that's where my idea began.

PS, yes I know this is the craziest picture/expression ever. And no it doesn't include my bangs or glasses. But whatev! I like the hilariousness of this pic and am working it hahah.

I'm super excited about this. I can't wait to share all the stuff I've made that's (for the most part) turned out awesome!


  1. I was sad. My Hubs told me since he got the email first. Weird since I was on it first, but whatever. I will miss it.

    Also, I dont think I am following you on Pinterest. I should me. I'll find ya.

  2. i didn't know about that! :(

    but i am excited for your future pinterest project posts!
    i've pinned so many projects and things but have yet
    to attempt any of them. ;]


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