Monday, January 2, 2012

Twelve in Twelve

Posted By: Leah
I started last year with eleven new years resolutions for 2011. Check out that post here. So this year I'm going to recap how well I kept broke most of my resolutions for 2011 (some good, some not so). And for 2012 I'll just keep the same ones plus add a new one (below). Yes I'm taking the easy way out

1- Do FlyLady every day.
I really need to do this. I totally did not last year and had lots of CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrom). I mean not really, I can always throw stuff in a closet and my house looks clean. But it would be so much easier to put in the 30 min a day and keep it clean.

2- Follow Patti Stanger's "rules"
I actually did a really good job of this! For a while... and it worked! and I have a bf! But the problem is some of her advice led to me being a little fake. So when more of the real me came out bf was like wait... what's going on? so I'm trying to balance what she says a little better. But moral of story, if you follow what it says it works.

3- Get back on the vegan bandwagon
Um... this was a good resolution for what, 2 weeks? Then I started dating bf and food = happiness = not eating vegan. But I'm going to try it in more moderation this year. Not all or nothing. More like only 3 non-vegan meals a week.

4- Get real on the organized religion thing
I go to Charlotte to see bf A LOT. When I'm not there I go to my church up here. And I've even gotten bf to come to church with me when he's here (ok 2 times, but it's a start). I need to go to a church down there... I guess. I mean gav goes to church now w/ my mom all the time so that's good. This is a work in progress resolution.

5- take a week off of fb.
Not sure how this would benefit me. I think I already forgot. Oh, it's about being addicted to something. And that is bad

6- take a week off twitter
uh easy, I do this all the time. ok one resolution done! or like gav says when he learns to spell a new word, "I'm the boss at that!"

7- be hot at all times
BAHAHAHA wow I get a fail at that one. I mean I try... sometimes. And i did get bangs!

8- new wardrobe
BF has helped me with this a lot! I have tons of new clothes he's helped me pick out. We've spent a lot of time at Lucky, Anthro, random t-shirt places. So I'll say I'm a boss at this one too!

9- leading others
I've done really well at this too! So many ppl have told me this year I'm their 'life coach' 'maternity coach' 'relationship coach' 'nutrition coach' etc. I'm giving myself a boss at this too.

10 - meal planning
yes! I need to do this! not a boss.

11- being awesome
Hahahaha yes!!!! I am the most awesome person I've ever known (well next to gav and the bf is pretty awesome most of the time). Totally a boss!

12- (new for 2012)EXERCISE!

I did a 5k last year and that was pretty easy. Basically i'm a good runner I just never ever do it. But here's what I'm going to do. So nobody let me skip out on it:
Mon/Fri - Run on my lunch hr. Indoors. treadmill at work. This will happen.
Tues/Thurs - Body Pump. (at work, with weights, get some muscles going on)
Wed - weight watchers (this is my sad, sad, not wanting to go tone. but it's like $9.99 for ww at work here, no reason not to be accountable, even if I don't follow what they say at all).
Weekend - make sure bf and I do something athletic! even if it's go for a walk, bike ride, something!
Evenings at home - Gav got a wii so i'm thinking we could do a Let's Dance danceparty, a DIY zumba party, etc.

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