Friday, February 24, 2012

... and it's Friday again. So left out!

Posted By: Leah
I get yet another FAIL on the firm Friday. And even worse I was up 2 lbs at WW. Yikes, right? But I expected it. I've been full of sickness, and taking care of Gav and not caring much about diet or exercise :(

I'd love to say I had some awesome new plans for next week, but I don't really. 
So you know Courtney from Opperation Slimpossible? She's gotten into these shakes. It's kind of like slimfast, but all herbal and healthy. She has them 2x a day. I kinda want to try it. Just because I'm so uninspired to cook right now, which is also my issue i'm sure.

You know how I'm from Charlotte, go there all the time? So I learned about something today I seriously had never heard of before. Not that I know EVERYTHING about the city, but I thought I would have heard of this, or someone would have mentioned the EpiCentre, right? this looks kind of fun and exciting and I never knew! I feel super left out.

At the EpiCentre they have StrikeCity bowling, a movie theater, a ton of restaurants and bars and clubs. Seriously where have I been??

ALSO... possibly even more shocking than the EpiCenter that I had no clue about.... 
Charlotte has a Wet Willies!

(this is Lauren & the random German dude in Myrtle Beach at Wet Willies's)
Remember Courtney's Bachelorette at Myrtle Beach (post here) we went to Wet Willies! I thought that bar was sooo unique and where else do they have a bar with rows of like 50 margaritas/daiquiri? Uh in Charlotte apparently.

So what am I doing this weekend? Probably not eating healthy, but I'm bound & determined to see all this stuff I've been missing in Charlotte. I mean... what else have I been missing out on? 

white water rafting through charlotte? oh wait.. they have that too, apparently (another place I've never been)
Ok so I'm probably not hitting up the clubs or anything, but I kind of want to venture downtown and see what else is there!
So remember my post last week that had Gracie's Love Letter to Ashley Sisk's cat Kitty Paw?
How about Ashley's opening up the voting for the top 10 and you can help my Gracie Girl win!
We're #14 (the voting is at the bottom of the post). Gracie and I thank you big time. You know we would like to win. Thanks :) Click HERE to go to the voting.

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  1. I love the "what's in my bag" feature. I just might have to try it out!

    Your newest follower,
    Momma B


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