Friday, February 24, 2012

Fashion Friday & High 5 Friday!

Posted By: Leah
Crazy enough, this is the 1st time I've ever done a 'whats in my bag' post. I'm kind of excited to share my random crap with you guys (wait... isn't that what blogging is all about?)

1- An orange. I'm obsessed with Fruit till Noon (I have so many posts on it, just trust me & do it)
2- A 'pocket nurse' aka random giveaway from some program I did. It's some bandaids in a box.
3- I found Nemo! It's one of those boo boo things you put on the freezer. Apparrently Gav got hurt and I was on the go haha.
4- A pile of jewelry (yes I found these just floating around in my bag). I guess if I want to get fancy, I'm ready
5- My iPad2. I don't carry it daily, but I'm going out of town this weekend and didn't want to leave it in the car. I LOVE my ipad case so so much. It's the Carolina Pad Studio C rotator case.
6- Dayquil from last week (generic kind) that didn't even work (who knew I had allergies?)
7- Warby Parker Langston glasses. Can I just say I ADORE this company? It's the one where they send you 5 pairs to try on FREE and the full set of glasses (frames, lenses, anti-glare, all that) is only $95 inc shipping!
8- Sunglasses. These are hand me down from my sister, who got them thrifted in Richmond one time when she was visiting when I lived there.
9 - phone charger plug minus the cord
10 - Tiny Star Wars finger skateboard (for Gav, not me)
11 - an assortment of pens, chapstick, ultra-last kind of lipstick you only put on 1x a day (I dont' have time for all that), a tiny ikea pencil, etc.
12- Medicine. like the real kind prescribed from the dr.
13 - Keys and proximity card for my apartment's gym (so i dont' lose it).
14 - HK jump drive (for documents on the go)
15 - Ponytail holders
16 - HK checks (yes I carry checks. I might need to give somebody $1,000 or something. Or... I just carry them to pay my rent)
17 - HK wallet. It's kind of falling apart, I need to get a new one sometime if I can remember!

I get a lot of complements on my bag (the ipad fits, just not when it's sitting like this). It's from etsy seller ChristyStudio. Her bags are seriously the BEST. I had my mom pick me up this one for my 30th bday (almost 2 yrs ago.. yikes!) it's a great bag because it is a grayish, denimish, purpleish, tanish that goes with everything. I don't remember the name of this bag, and I don't see it on her site. But all her bags are fabulous and the best part is there are eighty million gazillion billion pockets, zippered and not, key hooks, etc. inside. Plus I can just toss it in the washer and it gets just like new again.

Now my top 5 of the week (Gav edition):

1- It snowed!!! So that meant no school for Gav and as a result, no work for me on Monday!

Gav told me he wanted to sit out in the snow and drink hot cocoa. I was like it's too cold, but knock yourself out if thats what you want to do. And he did! (and I took a pic through the blinds haha).
2- Gav was sick (for literally only about 1 hr on Tuesday). So that means when he was better, we took apart his entire room and it's now super clean and organized, plus we donated a ton of stuff to the Good Will (win win). PS this pic was taken after I dumped everything Gav owned into the middle of his floor. We're visual cleaners like that.

3- Even though I was out 2 days at work, I am almost already caught up! Yay for the slow time of year.

4- Gav had a dentist appt yesterday and no caveties, ever! And I'm so proud of him that he loves the dentist. His dad & I also had a mid-year parent/teacher conference with his teacher and Gav's doing awesome in school! he really loves Math (not sure where he got that from) and is doing well in reading. YAY!

5- I'm excited about my Gracie's entry into Ashey Sisk's Love Letters to Kitty Paw contest (yes my kitty wrote her a bachelorette themed poem, It's awesome) Check it out and please vote for Gracie #14!


  1. I love your bag! It looks like it carries so much! I'm a tiny bit obsessed with big bags (if you couldn't tell by MY What's in My Bag post!)

  2. That ipad case rocks! (and I'm heading over to check out bags!) :)

  3. I'm loving your iPad case!

    Stopping by from the Friday Hops.
    Have a great weekend.


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