Friday, February 17, 2012

Firm Friday? False. High 5 Friday. Reality Shows.

Posted By: Leah
Yeah, haven't even attempted to eat healthy let alone track pts or get on a scale for the past week. I've basically been feeling like this:

Ok it's really not that bad (well maybe like 30% of the time it has been). 

And the dr. said it's allergies, what the crap man? 1- i don't have allergies 2- BF and Gav are sick now, and I can't just give them allergies. 3- well whatev... i got Allegra D and am a whole lot better. Not 100% better. and people at work were kind of scared of me still because of the crazy stuffy/pealing nose. But that's my firm friday update. 

PhotobucketHigh 5 For Friday Time!
1- The Bachelor is getting really good bad. I got Gavin to watch it with me and even though it looked like Courtney was going home, Gavin kept saying she would stay... and she did! Pure evil! But that also made me think maybe Gavin is like Reality Steve who knows how all reality shows will end. And Gav said Courtney will make it until the end. Maybe she's the only girl he can recognize (is it me or does she look just like Jessica Simpson?!) or maybe he really knows!!
2- Speaking of The Bachelor, did you know the next Bachelorette is going to be Emily Maynard?  UGGGGgg! (that's my frustrated sound). I guess because I'm from Charlotte and she's from... well not Charlotte but lives there now. She is the one who dated Ricky Hendricks (who used to date my friend back in HS) and then after she got prego w/ Ricki (baby girl) he died in a plane crash (His Dad is Rick Hendricks of the racing empire. Big deal in the south) (they made a huge deal about this on the Bachelor when she was on there last year). ANYWAY... So Emily's the next Bachelorette. They are filming 1/2 the show in Charlotte (no clue what they will do there. but i'm curious to see). So it's kind of exciting, even though I wish they would have chosen someone more exciting. 
3- Word on the street is Bravo is shooting it's next Real Housewives in... you guessed it... Charlotte. I've seen articles saying yes and others saying no. Same thing as Emily Maynard being the next Bachelorette... so I think something's going on and Charlotte's apparently the 'It" spot. I do love reality shows. And I am in Charlotte just about every weekend (BF lives there, my entire family lives there) so maybe I'll get in on some Reality action. Doubt it. 

4- Because I was sick I spent a lot of time on Pinterest. I found this awesome free customizable printable. You can get it  HERE. Adorable, right???
5- I keep mentioning this I know, and I'm not trying to brag, but BF was extra super awesome this Vday. I was all sick and extra cranky. He was just so sweet. It was a lot of stuff like this (I mean if we were cats with our eyes closed.)

Ok I know... weird blog post. I may possibly still be out of it because I'm sick. My mom's coming up tonight (from Charlotte, obviously) to take care of Gav & Me, so that's all I have planned for the weekend so far. 

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  1. Reality shows can be so addicting! Well Pinterest too for that matter!

    My husband and family are from just the other side of Charlotte, in Fort Mill.

    Hope you feel better!


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