Friday, February 10, 2012

High 5 / Firm / New Friend Friday

Posted By: Leah

This week has been pretty great. Mainly because people have given me stuff! Ok that sounds so selfish. Here's a recap of things I'm High-5ing myself about/Firming up, etc!

1- BF's mom got me L'Occitane cherry princess (it's new) lotion & shower cream. It smells so good. Like fruity/floral... just like me BAHAHA. It's a really awesome gift. So unexpected! And it came in a super fancy box. Soo sweet!

2- A coworker brought me a bagel & cream cheese yesterday! It was Bruegger's birthday they were giving out free bagles. I didn't know until I was at work. And I had sadface for no free bagles. Well good news!  when one of my coworkers got to work, look what he brought me??? A bagle & cream cheese! Soo nice!  And it was sooo good! YUM
3- I got an awesome V-day card from a stranger! Ok not a stranger, it's from Mike. Fom But isn't this a great card??

4- I lost all of 1 lb at WW this week! Not even sure how, considering I binge ate wings after my superbowl party (of 3 ppl).  

5- This weekend bf and I are going to the climbing gym! I haven't really climbed since... I think college.  I remember nothing (belay on? on belay. climbing. climb away, right?)
He loves riding bikes, but I really don't feel super comfortable on my bike anymore (or did I ever?) so hopefully this will be a fun active activity. PLUS I've been doing body-pump and I am hoping I'll have developed some sort of upper body strength. I'll try to get some pics! Maybe! (if my @ss doesn't look too big in the harness hahaah)

What have you been up to this week/what are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Lol-getting things rocks! I cannot say I've ever climbed...well, does out of a pool count?? But here is why:

    Belay on!


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