Monday, February 13, 2012

I moustache you a question....

Posted By: Leah
Have you ever been to a moustache party?

I have. And it was pretty awesome. They were awarding prizes for the best moustache. So before I went I knew I'd have to get on my moustache designing game. PS they only cost $5 at Target if you ever need to pick one up.

I didn't really know where to begin. I mean where can you improve on something so spectacular as the moustache? ... in the Target scrapbooking section of course!

I also used about 1/2 a can of hairspray trying to get the 'handlebar' right. This was my 1st attempt. It was supposed to be for the bf (who already has a real moustache (well via beard, duh))

 But bf didn't like it for his costume (+  he can just grow his own), so I was like ok fine by me, and took out the 2nd moustache.

I cut it, shaped it, pulled ALL the stars off of BF's and glued them onto mine.

Here's my 1st party look idea (ignore the 1/2 falling off faux eyelash happening). And okay yes I picnik'd my hair purple and my eyes green. Cuz I'm keeping it real fake!
And for some reason BF wasn't into my mariachi look. How is this possible? I look adorable, right? Well....He said to Urban it out ...which lead to my prized posession (not sure if you all know about this or not...)

The Hello Kitty Leah Pop & Lock Dub Step Ghetto Redneck Gangsta Trucker Hat.
This is what I ended up wearing. (Oh pro-tip: I penciled on a eye liner moustache under this one because I had a feeling the double sided tape would only last for so long).

Here is Mike and BF at the party. BF went as Ron Swanson (if you couldn't tell)
And he won the prize for the best moustache.
There was a moustache piniata, moustache haiku, moustache police, jungle juice, you know how those hipsters roll. The only bad part is bf had to sport the 'stache for the rest of the weekend. A little creepy. Especially when he was with my child hahaha.
And I'm linking up with the Monday Real. So let me add some more real stuff:

1- Bummed (sort of) we didn't get to go rock climbing this weekend because
2- I'm sick and have a headcold or something and
3- My mom's sick too so she couldn't keep gav so I could go do the rock climbing
4- I'm very pitiful when I'm sick. I don't get sick a whole lot (except I have this fall/winter)
5- BF's coming up tomorrow for V-day after work. My place is a mess, but
6- I'm sick so I can't really get it together to clean or prepare
7- Good thing his awesome gift's already done (that post coming tomorrow afternoon!!!)


  1. Being sick is a great excuse for not cleaning, though. Thanks for linking up!

  2. bahahah! That moustache is fantastic! It's totally okay to be pitiful when sick... Mom's need to be taken care of too!


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