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Making Pinterest Real - Mardi Gras Kings Cake

Posted By: Leah
It's Mardi Gras time again, also known as Fat Tuesday! I never knew what a big deal it was until I started my current job about 3 yrs ago. Courtney celebrates Mardi Gras BIG and introduced me to King's cake. That first year we worked there, she even had a real King's cake shipped up from New Orleans for our office party (photos below).

This is a super embarrassing yet awesome picture of me, Lauren and Courtney 2 years ago.

And this one is from last year. We look so awesome, right? And look how our hair's longer! A lot can change in a year for sure.
This is where babies come from...

As tradition goes, the person who finds the baby in their piece of King's cake (Lauren made it last year), gets good luck for a year! They also have to make (or buy) the next year's cake. And... as things go on our office, the person also gets pregnant/has a baby within the year. No, sorry, no illegitimate babies over here for me...

BUT... I sit right next to where the King's cake is always stationed and i *MAY* have snuck a 3rd piece last year. I got my piece RIGHT AS our friend Katie came in to have her 1st piece. I got the baby, katie got the piece after me (though my piece should have been hers) 

Meet Hudson, Katie and Stephen's new baby, born a little over 2 weeks ago on February 3rd. I took Katie's destined  piece of king's cake with the baby, but she still got her sweet baby boy. Awww! 

(this is me last year with my cake baby. note the sad face. I seriously did not want any more babies nor to have to make a cake.)

But, I had to do what's right and that means make this year's King's cake for work. SO this year in preparation, Gav and I got a tiny hat and looked up online some EASY king's cake recipes.

Enter: Pinterest

So... my recipe was from there, then I lost it (story of my life). 
 I found another one online that was so easy, I was sure it would be awful. 
But it turned out DELICIOUS. 

Leah's King's Cake Super Simple Recipe with only 5 Ingredients 
Biscuits, Butter, Sugar, Cinnamon, Frosting

First you get a can or 2 of Grands biscuits in the refrigerator section (the regular, non-flaky kind). 
I had way too many biscuits, so I made Gav and I our own tiny King's cake.
Yes that's a hello kitty sandwich press in the background. What did you expect? 

Then I smashed the biscuits flat on tin foil.

Melt 4 Tbsp butter for each 16 oz can biscuits and brush on top (or pour if you are me)

Mix 1/4 cup sugar with 1 tbsp cinnamon

Sprinkle on top of butter (which was going everywhere) on top of biscuits.

Then somehow roll the biscuits into a ring-shape (this is where I really started failing).
Bake at 325 for 25 minutes.

I tried to make my own colored sugar from food coloring + white sugar = FAIL

But I had planned to use frosting as a glaze anyway, so I just added food coloring to that = WIN
(Use cream cheese icing. I mean it's the best, but especially for this project)

25 min had passed and this is the king's cake. The brown part is the cinnamon that had snuck out of the bottom of the king's cake and mixed with the butter, it wasn't anything burnt.

I spooned the icing onto the top of the cake, just out of the oven while it was super hot. It turned into a glaze. And that's it!!!! Yeah it's not the prettiest thing in the world, but the legit King's Cakes from new orleans basically look just like this. 

Gavin and I tried our other tiny king's cake and it was SO GOOD! Tasted exactly like a cinnamon roll. YUM!

Happy Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday!
I wish you good luck and hope that you find the baby, but only if you want to. And if you find it, feel free to use my super easy King's Cake recipe for next year's cake. Enjoy!

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  1. save your mom some king cake and bring it down.


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