Monday, February 27, 2012

My Weekend Part 1 - Friday Night

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I had a super awesome weekend! I realized I don't take a lot of pictures during the weekends so I can remember fun stuff we do, so this time I tried to remembered to, even if they were just on my phone. My mom had Gav Friday night, and BF and I went on a date to a really good restaurant called Pewter Rose. I had the seared grouper filet that came on orange and pineapple risotto. SO good. And BF got the seafood risotto with mussles and scallops. We also ordered sweet potato and crab soup. It's not the type of place where you can whip out your phone to take pics (its kind of fancy), but you know me, I tried anyway. It was all dark in there and the only light pretty much was candlelight so my pic didn't turn out.

Remember earlier last Friday I had posted how I felt so left out (post HERE), well crazy enough, it worked out perfectly to go do what I had wanted! I was so excited. After we ate, BF asked where I wanted to go next, so of course I said the EpiCenter!

OH! AND ... As I was driving to Charlotte, on the radio they said Karmen was performing that night at 7pm for free at the EpiCenter. UGH I was so mad I missed it (still driving). But regardless I knew thats where I wanted to go.

BF took out his phone and we found out it was only a 1.3 mile walk from where we had dinner in South End. It doesn't sound bad, but it was crazy cold and worse than that, super windy. As we started out, we made a quick stop at the Common Market South End.
The Common Market is like a convenience store / deli / bar / hang-out spot. Once we got warmed up, we headed back out into the cold for our trek uptown.

PS did you see 30 Rock last week with the Leap Day episode where everyone wore blue and yellow? There's this one building (in the pic on the left) in Charlotte where they change up the colors every night. Anyhow, it was randomly blue and yellow so I told BF obviously it must be getting ready for Leap Day!

 We got downtown to the EpiCenter and it was a bunch of restaurants and bars. I didn't actually want to DO anything there, I just wanted to see it. Kind of like when you go to Vegas and walk through the hotels.

Strike City was pretty awesome, we didn't bowl (I'm sure you need reservations wayyy in advance) but maybe sometime we can go back and check it out again.  I just had fun walking around being a tourist in my own city (I'm born/raised in Charlotte, I moved away for college, but my entire family lives there, bf lives there, so I still claim it as my town).
 After seeing the EpiCenter, we started walking back towards Common Market, and stopped in this really adorable park in the middle of Uptown. BF sat on what looked like a therapist's couch.

BF Also took a couple pics on his phone. Most I looked extra crazy (because I was cold)
These are actually the best of me from those. Yikes, right??

After hanging out there for a while (and freezing), we walked back over 277, and went back to the Common Market to get warmed up.  
Inside Common Market was PACKED so we ended up hanging outside on the patio for a while.
I know you're super curious on what I had on in the friged temperatures and like 40 mph winds. I had on my dark red REI trench raincoat and hello kitty bow ring from etsy. Lucky Brand jeans in Lola. Yellow scarf from the $5 scarf sale at work haha. I honestly had only thought we were going to dinner, so thats why I wore flats (maddras, from Target) and no tights. I need to always bring trainers because I never know where I'll end up. for real. At least I had on flats not heels.

Anyhow, we left Common Market and walked by the links station, and went back to the car. It felt like I had gone on vacation to another city, just because we saw places I had never been before. It was super fun, and hanging out with bf is super fun because he's so awesome. Check back tomorrow for what we did Saturday night!  

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