Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Weekend Part 2 - Saturday and Sunday

Posted By: Leah
On Saturday night we went out again! But before that, BF made me what I can only describe as the most delicious sandwich I've ever had. That's saying a lot, right? I guess I should also start out and say that I just 'knew' I didn't like pork. When bf asked if he should get pork to cook on the grill I was like no way, it's so tough and gross. He assured me he could cook it well and guess what? Best sandwich of my life!

It's a pork chop that he put some kind of rub on, and grilled. Then he put it on sour dough bread that was 'bagle toasted' aka toasted only on the inside. Next was avacado, tomatoes, fresh spinach, a thin layer of mayo and goat cheese. He put all that onto the panini press to toast the outside and.... best sandwich ever. I can't stop thinking about it. seriously.
 He also grilled corn (yum!) and check out his corn holders... they are unicorns. Get it? uniCORN.  
 Gav played with bf's neighborhood kids and bf's dog while we washed our cars.
BF's cousin somehow made the most amazing sticker in the world... a koala (bf's power animal) and HK for me! Once my car was super clean bf put it on my window.
This isn't my 1st HK sticker on my car. Just like I have a HK tattoo, so does my car x 3! BF has 2 really sweet girl neighbors and they brought me a flower. So thoughtful!
 So after the delicious sandwich I took a shower and got ready. I realized my pics from the night before were crazy of me, so I tried to take better mirror pics. Not sure why I didn't use a full-size mirror, but oh well lol!
We were going to go to this one place in NoDa, but they were closed for a private party, so we went to Amelie's instead. I ofcourse got an eclair. They are known for their salted caramel brownies, but I just don't like them. So I always stick to the eclair.
Then we went to the other Common Market (the previous night we had gone to the South End one, this time we went to the Plaza Midwood one). Jada was working! Jada is super silly and fun.
Like I was saying yesterday, the common market is like a deli/bar/sundry/hang out place. It's sort of like a general store, but modern-day where people just hang out. Gav LOVES it there. Everyone is always really nice and it's very laid back. They sell some really random, different, interesting stuff.

After hanging out there with Jada for a while (and she *may* have let us sample chicken salad and pimento cheese in the deli... yum!) we went back to bf's and put on our PJ's. I realized (again) I hadn't taken a ton of pics. So back to his tiny downstairs bathroom with the smallest mirror in the house for more random headshots of myself hahaha.

 Then on sunday, we went rock climbing at the indoor rock climbing gym! I hadn't gone since college and remembered exactly nothing. But it was super fun. I got a little tired on my first couple routes, then it's just like running... you get your 2nd wind and can keep going! I am really excited Gav got to see us climb too. I'm sure he thought we were like spider man. He's almost old enough to climb. But until then, I think it's awesome for him to see us and that'll give him the confidence to climb on his own.


  1. Looks like you had an amazing weekend. I really love that sticker on your car, it's too cute.

  2. haha you SO look like Lisa Lobe in those pics!


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