Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pinterest - Cauliflower done right (finally!)

Posted By: Leah
So... here's the thing, I don't like cauliflower. It looks like a brain soaked in bleach.  it's crunchy and tasteless. Then on pinterest I started seeing cool recipes. Like croquets. I tried it out at a restaurant for lunch (on the menu it's the seared cauliflower steak)

 And it was actually really good (I got rid of the sick whatever ricotta cheese or white stuff they tried to trick me into eating). But Under it, that brown brain cut in half looking thing was the cauliflower! it was good!
So that inspired me to try to remember a pinterest recipe (because i never actually pin things I'm going to make, I only pin pretty stuff).

The recipe I was attempting with no more info than what's in my crazy scattered mind mind was cauliflower croquetts. I even took my ipad into the kitchen but after 1 drop of olive oil got on it, i freaked out and ditched the recipe (welcome to my world).

So here's what I ended up doing....

I threw some olive oil and chopped up garlic in a pot.
 Meanwhile i got a whole bag of cauliflower from the freezer and defrosted it in the microwave. I actually ended up steaming it.
I dumped the contents of the bag (hello baby creepy brains) on top of the olive oil and garlic. I went to work on it with my potato masher (pretty sure I've never used it prior to this moment).

 I got a big spoon and scooped the mashed up mess onto some tin foil and put it into my preheated to 400 deg oven for a while.
Honestly i don't even remember how long. We'll say like 20 min? I think I checked on them after 15 min.

Anyhow, they came out this lovely golden color. Still pretty much together (and it's only the cauliflower, olive oil and garlic).  They reminded me of hash browns. But because it's just a vegetable I thought it would be okay to dip them in ranch dressing. like the good kind.
 and that was my dinner.
Thank you pinterest for another almost real recipe I totally didn't follow.

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  1. I'm no cook. I've actually never cooked one thing in my life. However, What I read in Skinny Bitch years ago still haunts me to this day. I'm going to get my ass in that kitchen and start exploring. I think this may be my first dish. Thank you Leah for the info!


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