Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pinterest - Tiny chili bowls made out of a biscuit!

Posted By: Leah
New Series! So this is the start of what I can only call 'stuff i think I saw on pinterest, but I forgot to pin it, then made it and had no recipe!' Because that was a little too long to put on a button, I created the one below instead!

Anyhow... Today we are making something that is so adorable you will want to make it every day... and put EVERYTHING in it. It's tiny edible bowls created out of only 3 things.
It's sooo simple! Just pop the can of biscuits (this is the scariest part! I don't like suprizes. Back up from me with your Jack in the Box! Or unopened bottle of Champaign! Or crescent roll can!)

1- Refrigerated biscuits (I get the low fat layers kind but any savory/plain/butter variety will do)
2- standard size muffin tin
3- cooking spray like Pam.

Then spray the back of your muffin tin (this is really important!)

Take the biscuits out of the can and kind of smush them with your fingers around the tin (I separate them so they don't cook together. But I guess you could have them connecting if your serving is 2)

Bake for whatever the package says. Usually around 350 for 10-15 min. Keep an eye on these suckers because the cooking time might vary.

Take them out when golden brown and they will be perfectly cooked inside and out!

SOO cute, right!? 

Fill with whatever you like. I think these would be PERFECT for a Super Bowl Party filled with Chili and topped with cheese and green onions (like in my pic below). But you could put a tiny serving of onion dip in there YUMMMM!  and serve with carrots & celery and try to be healthy. Or Spinach & artechoke dip... 
Or serve them for breakfast and put some scrambled eggs in there!? Or be a fat pig extra awesome, use refirgerated cinnamon rolls instead of a biscuit. Then put ice cream in there!? Ok i'm going to stop before I make you guys do something you and I would regret.

If you try these (in any form), let me know how they turned out!


  1. Ha yeah I was definitely about to say these would be great for the superbowl. Pinterest is the best but I have been known to get my iPad dirty when trying to read a recipe off there while cooking the actual food.


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