Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So What Wednesday

Posted By: Leah

So what - After I worked hard on making King's Cake, Gav woke up yesterday throwing up. So that meant no school for him, no work for me, and that Gav and I had to trash the King's cake (after eating a ton for breakfast ofcourse). They ended up getting one for work at The Fresh Market. But it didn't look as awesome as this one I made. hahaha! Ok and yes everyone who sees this picture makes a very inappropiate comment. IDK where your mind is. It looks like a King's cake to me.

So what - that I was super bummed that I couldn't wear my tiny Mardi Gras hat yesterday :( What, you didn't know my tiny hat obsession? Yeah... it's true. And I found a blog that is all about tiny hats. YES!
So what - I dyed my hair this past weekend for the first time ever for no reason other than to cover up grays (why do I have to be 31!?) And I love the color. Like seriously it's awesome. It's called root beer float. Ok this is not even a good picture at all. it's like that brown, but with red, not orange but readish tones. And my hair is on my hand in this picture. Thats not some weird neck shot.

So what - if I have to take even more time off from work this week because Gav has a dentist appt & I have a meeting w/ his teacher tomorrow.

So what - I really want to win or at least make it as a finialist onto Ashley Sisk's love letters to kitty paw contest.

So what - if i haven't paid any attention to what I've been eating for over 2 weeks let alone exercise and I have to go to WW today.

So what  - if i've taken a nap every day for the past like 4 days or something and am STILL super tired.

So what - Gavin keeps saying that Courtney is going to win The Bachelor. I can't believe it's possible, but he said it's going to be Courtney and Nikki as the finalists. He said 'they have a good time together.'

So what - I'm wearing cowboy boots to work today.
So what - that Gav I really don't like being home bored. So I made him dump all of his toys out in the middle of the floor and we donated 50% to the Good Will.

So what - If the whole SAHM thing has never been my thing. I know, I am so selfish.  I need a whole lot of me time / interaction with other adults or I get too stir-crazy. The good thing is Gav's the same, he was begging me yesterday to take him to chick fil a, just so he could play with other kids.

So what - if the snow/gav being sick was totally a blessing in disguise, because I would have never taken the time otherwise to get rid of so many clothes, toys, etc. and it reallllly needed to be done. (this is only 1/2 the bags we took).

So what - that I was OVERJOYED that as I was taking the non-good will bags out (aka trash, aka broken toys, clothes that were not even good enough for good will etc) the upstairs neighbors were coming downstrirs. Their HS age son & his friend offered to carry I think it was 4 trash bags to the trash place for us. So so nice!


  1. Your cake helped me. Last night at trivia the questions was, 'what is hidden inside the king cake?' And I was like, 'tiny plastic baby' and everyone on my team was like 'no way'. But I made them put it as the answer and it was of course correct. So thanks.


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