Thursday, February 9, 2012

SUPER (hero) Valentine's Day

Posted By: Leah
Valentine's day is one of those holidays that lot of people don't really go all out on the craftyness. Probably it's a burned-out after xmas thing. They just pick up a box of cards to pass out (or have their kid pass out, etc) some flowers and are done. Well I'm awesome and so is Gavin (duh) so this year his Valentine's day 'cards' are finally going to show that. Enter: Pinterest.

Last year at his daycare Gav received several DIY cards that totally blew me away. Obviously it's the moms who flexed their craftastic muscles, but you know that made me a smidgen jealous. I was like dang yo, if these regular moms can whip out the craftyness, why haven't I? I'm the overly creative one.

So enter this year... and (thank God) Pinterest:

Yup, this year we're doing super heros! How cute are these???? And I KNOW (crossing fingers) no other parent in Gav's class had this fab idea too saw it on Pinterest. I have gav super stoked and he knows his cards will be the coolest (Just hoping he doesn't repeat that to his friends and get in trouble for showing off!)
Below is a printable from Zakka Life... but she has TONS of awesome v-day ideas for your kids, you and your fam. Actually amazing ideas for every holiday. This chick rules at life.  
Zakka Life
I made mine a little different than she suggested, I did not use the thick paper (because I didn't have any thick paper hahaha). Some of you (ok like 7 people, and you prob don't even read this blog) will be getting them in the mail or hand-delivered from Gav (or me). I'm super stoked and I hope you.....

The only issue w/ this years card is the crazy amount of time it's taken me to cut everything out. Ok really just the masks. OMG they are sooo tiny. but so cute and totally worth it! PLUS, I already am inspired for next year's card (also inspired from Zakka Life). Hoping Gav will still let me make help him make his cards again next year too.
To all you V-day haters out there, please don't trash Valentine's Day and take the cuteness away from those who celebrate. Namely, the kids. Sorry... rant over. (actually... I'm just starting)  I just get sooo sick of people who 'don't celebrate' Valentine's day. I'm sorry you have a cold, dark heart and hate everyone. People probably hate your negativity too.

Just think about what you are saying, posting to FB, and how that makes you look and feel. We're not in HS, we don't wear 'black' on valentine's day. It's like wearing black on Christmas because you don't believe in Santa. Grow up (or don't grow up, depending on how you look at it). Please just quietly don't celebrate holidays if you don't want to, and don't hate on those of us who do have kids, significant others, families, or anyone in their life they care about because that really is what this day is celebrating. (and for me another excuse to get craftastic).

YES, it's one day. And YES your significant other should treat each day like it's Valentine's day. And if they don't (or if you don't have a significant other) it doesn't make you cooler to talk sh*t. It makes you look immature. And small. And negative. Rant over. For real. Next up.... what I'm giving bf for V-day (I might have to wait to post that one until after v-day. But it's another pinterest inspiration of course!)

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  1. I LIKE Valentine's Day. I like any reason to try to get my husband to take me out for a nice dinner and/or buy me something and/or just be extra nice to me. Why not? Plus I had an awesome Galentines day brunch with all my girlfriends last year. Those are cute Valentine's.


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