Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V Day Suprise for me!!!!

Posted By: Leah
OMG so BF JUST left from my work. He came all the way up from Charlotte to suprise me!!! Yay! I knew he was coming up later tonight to hang out with Gav and me. But I was totally shocked when he came up here early and to my work. plus I'm still sick :( so it was extra nice to see him. Plus it's Valentine's Day!

He said he had ordered a bouquet to be delivered to my work today, but after hearing me all sick on the phone last night he canceled it thinking I'd have to call out of work. I struggled to make it through (plus being sick at home = boring). So he went and made his own bouquet for me! He said the lady at the store told him she was over from the meat dept to help out. Anyhow, he went around the counter and made his own bouquet for me. So sweet, right? Hard to tell in my crappy cell phone pic, but they are tulips & roses. So pretty!

Also, there's a new bakery by him so he picked up some eclairs... my FAVORITE. Here's a 1/2 eaten one hahaha.  Anyhow, I know he's making me dinner tonight, but I'm not sure what else is planned.  But I'll do a post tomorrow!

Also my gift to him post (another Making Pinterest Real one) is coming later today. YAY! So happy!

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  1. Awesome and a very pretty bouquet. Way better than just red roses.


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