Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vday - Sick girl - Great BF

Posted By: Leah
I already let you know how BF suprised me at work on Vday in this post. And that I've been super sick this week :( But here are some pics of the amazing dinner BF made for me Vday night. Oh, but first he picked up Gav for me while I was still at work so they could get started cooking. They sent me this pic from bf's phone when they stopped off for  fro yo on the way home. CUTE!

So for dinner BF cooked me pink shrimp! I had never heard of pink shrimp. Well, actually I thought all shrimp were pink. But that's only after they are cooked. The kind of shrimp he got are pink (instead of gray) when they are raw. Perfect for Vday :) He also got some hand made pasta, and alfredo sauce from a cute shop in charlotte called Pasta and Provisions that he brought up. He brought super fat asparagus (hard to tell in the pic) that he cooked up with garlic. And some bread sticks too. Oh! and fresh parmagan.
The dinner was sooo so good. For me it sucked big time that I was sick because my nose was stuffed up/running everywhere so I couldn't taste everything really well. But it was super good anyway and warm in my belly.

BF was super thoughtful and brought Gav up a lunchable as a special treat for his dinner. Gav tried the pink shrimp and liked them, but liked his lunchable more  :)
 It kind of sucked Vday was on a Tuesday this year, because before we ate, Gav had to do his homework. I don't like homework in kindergarten. It's no fun for him or me. Except for math. He loves it (didn't get that from me)

 A tradition BF started with us on Christmas was silly string fight on the holidays! So for Valentines day we went outside (much easier than cleaning the walls/carpet) and had a silly string fight. I got the pink can of course.
BF Gave me lots of HK awesomeness, plus the flowers and eclairs and dinner and he came up here (which I didn't expect him to do at all, so even that was huge to me!) I was still sick yesterday and bf stayed with me, went with me to get medicine after I went to the Dr. We went to lunch and for a walk in the park yesterday after I started feeling better (and BF started feeling sick). Then last night after we got Gav, we watched my fav night of new shows (In the Middle, Suburgatory, Modern Family, Happy Endings). It was a perfect V Day (minus the sickness, but BF was extra over the top attentive, so that made it extra sweet.)  For VD I made BF a man bouquet (if you missed the post). He loved it!

AND... cutest thing EVER.... my sister's BFF got engaged!!! She's a cheerleader for clemson, and they had a Valentine's day game. It's tradition for the BF's to do a dance with the the end he proposed, it's the most adorable engagement ever! And caught on tape! and she has amazing pictures too. Congratulations Tad & Nicole!  (scroll to 0:35 sec)

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