Friday, February 17, 2012

Will You Accept This Rose?

Posted By: Leah
I am excited to enter Askley Sisk's 2nd Annual Love Letters to Kitty Paw: Photo Challenge! The subject of my photo is my kitty Gracie. She's writing a love letter (in her own reality TV obsessed way) to Ashley's cat named Kitty Paw!

We are entering the contest a little after Valentine's day, but I'm glad Ashley's kept the link open until next week! Thanks Gracie for the inspiration, you're a good kitty (even though Gav and I call you a fat pig. It's only because you are. You eat freaking everything. From crackers to candy. I mean, you're from the streets so you gotta do what you have to do to get by. Hopefully Kitty Paw will love you back and you will stop being such a junkyard kitty. Or the pressure to look good on the Bachelorette CATchelorette (see what I did there?) will help you keep it together).


  1. The CATchelorette! Too funny! Love that!

  2. Such a sweet note - I know Kitty Paw will love it!

  3. Oh my heavens! I love kitties!!

  4. Oh this one was fun and clever. I'm a fan of both the (Bachelor and Bachelorette shows - ssshhh don't tell anyone) but I think I'd really love the CATchelorette! Gracie is adorable.

  5. I love your creativity oh and Bachelor! Your letter made me and my husband laugh out loud when we read your letter!

  6. Very clever! Love how your cat is so poetic :)


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