Thursday, March 1, 2012


Posted By: Leah
This morning at work Courtney said that she saw on Facebook that if you stand a metal broom up on it's end it will stand on it's own! I was like no way. thats lies. I had heard of balancing an egg (cute post HERE) but never a broom. She had her laptop and sure enough there were pics! She googled it and it has to do with the gravitational pull. Soooo awesome, right?

We tried standing random things up that were metal. But scissors and pens didn't work. And we didn't have a broom. I kind of forgot about it until tonight I got this photo txt from Courtney:
I was like OMGGGG!!!!! it's real!!!!!!

And not 2 minutes later I got another text... from Lauren!!!!!

So I ran into my kitchen and look what I could do too???? It's REAL!!!!
(Even Gracie was like WTF!!?!) 

Gav was having dinner w/ his dad, so I got the brooms set up by the front door for them so see when they got back. SO awesome right!??!! YAY gravity! Try it now! I'm not sure how much longer it'll last but I know it works today!

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