Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Confession, I'm a Fake Hipster

Posted By: Leah
There's a whole lot of reasons why I'll never be a real hipster. Mainly because I don't posess the core interests that true hipsters have especially...

Music: I love LMFAO! Did you know they're touring with Far East Movement?
(Something I've said today, yet a real hipster has not said.)

Q: How many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb?
A: It’s  some obscure number. You’ve probably never heard of it.

This leads us to my BF. I wouldn't call him a hipster, but people he hangs out with totally are.
Well in a 'this is really how I am, i'm not trying to be a hipster.'
Authentic way. Basially, his friends just regular people who hipsters wish they could be.
It's true. and awesome. I realized what they all are... the term is 'natural hipster'

BF = Natural Hipster

Oh! And hipsters #1 accessory in life... is a bike. I have a bike.
I can't really ride it well and I'll probably go out of my way not to ride it, but I do own one.

And BF's friends have real life bike parties... and I've been to two! That I'm pretty sure automatically gets me a hipster card. Something I really overheard from a hipster at a bike party:

Yeah, I do yo-yo tricks. This guy tried to battle me, but when I saw his tricks, I backed down.
 OOH... and foot shots are a total hipster move.
 Except my shoes are Tommy Hilfiger. yeah... see how that just happened? Pretty sure Tommy Hilfiger doesn't = hipsterness.

This whole hipster-esque environment is a world I'm not familiar with. This may seem like a shock because I do sorta dress like a hipster... and if I reallly try I can be a legit fashionable hipster.
I own 5 pairs of TOMS, I drink herbal tea, I have the bangs, glasses....

But I'm way not cool enough to be a hipster.
Like... at all.

I think if I HAD to define my style, it would be kawaii.
I love Hello kitty, anything cute, happy, tiny, and fun.
Except to be almost 32 years old, and lets face it... I'm not from Japan (let alone any Asian country).
 I have a corporate-type job and so I have to keep the Kawaii to a minimum. Some shoes here, Hello Kitty Shirt there, gotta keep it in check.

BF totally encourages me to embrace who I am and if that means I dress like a hipster or hello kitty obsessed fan, he is into it. And I think that's what it's all about. Not if you fit in or dress like the people you are around. To be true to who you are. The people who you're around will appreciate your authenticity. And if you are a real life, true hipster... awesome! Just don't try to talk to me about music, or have me go on a bike ride with you. I'll might fail at both.

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  1. You're cracking me up! I've always secretly wanted to be able to carry off hipster...Don't think it's happening. Ha!


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