Friday, March 16, 2012

Firm Friday - I lost 5 lbs!

Posted By: Leah

What is HK holding? Oh, it's just my WW log with the 5 lb sticker I earned this week.

(Wait! didn't you just say last week you weighed more last week than when you started WW back in January?)

Yes, sad but true. I did. But that was last week.

And this week I was ON IT with my Herbalife shakes. Healthy eating. And working out.

And when I went on Wednesday of this week to weight-in at WW I was down and earned my 1st 5 lbs lost star.

I have felt amazing this entire week. I know the 1st 5 lbs was probably water weight, but I feel very very good in every way about it. I have tons of energy (even with the time change!) and I know i'm doing the right thing right now.

This weekend I'm going to see Childish Gambino, so I'll need to work extra hard staying on track with the healthy eating. But hoping we can hit up the climbing gym and do what I need to do to keep losing.

And I look like I've lost weight, right? Maybe?
(I ended up sending the way too big cobalt and red skinnies back and exchanging them for 2 sizes smaller, pa-dow!) Except they didn't have any more red, and sent me purple instead. They totally must have known it was my fav color!

This is the Before from like 2 wks ago:
And this is the after (2 sz smaller pants + I shrunk the top on purpose in the dryer)
Ok it's basically impossible to tell with only 5 lbs... but it is good to have clothes that fit better. Get ready to see this outfit again because I'm pretty sure I'm wearing it to Childish Gambino!

**UPDATE*** (donald glover aka childish gambino broke his leg yesterday. and the show's been rescheduled for july 27. JEEZ man. i mean he's a rapper. like sit in a chair with a mic. It's not like a boyband requiring dance moves. man up Donald, man UP)

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