Friday, March 2, 2012

Firm (not really) Friday

Posted By: Leah

So... at WW this week I lost exactly 0 lbs. But I gained 0, so it's sort of a win, right?

Then last night I *may* have been at the grocery store to pick up some kitty litter and then I *might* have seen cupcakes on sale. So I *possibly* got one for my dinner. Is that bad? I'm going to say no : D
But it's getting worse... so today I have the opportunity for delicious mexican at lunch.
Note: Mexican is after delicious starbucks is being brought directly to my belly. (having nice co-workers is the best!)
Then I'm going to see BF tonight and... yeah I don't think we have healthyness planned so that generally means non-healthy things could be in my future. I could be wrong... but doubt it.

I can say 1 thing, I have been more active this week! Last Friday the girls at work and I walked I think 2 1/2 miles or so in the gorgeous 70's weather. THEN that night was when BF and I walked from the fancy restaurant uptown to the Epicenter (1.3 miles each way). So that's a total of 5 miles for Friday walked!
Then on Sunday, BF and I went to the climbing gym for a couple hours, and that's a workout for sure!
Monday, I 'ran' or whatever you call it on the eliptical at work for 30 min.
Tuesday I went to bodypump (which is 45 min) and she was hardcore. I was hurting!
Wednesday, nothing, WW meeting at lunch.
Yesterday the girls at work and I walked 2.5 miles in the gorgeous weather again! I hope we can keep that up!

AND, for the record, my grande chai frapp from starbucks looks/tastes exactly like snowcream + cinnamon. It's like a winter wonderland in my mouth!

On another note, my sister Sarah (who graduated college last december) has just moved to Nashville and started an awesome internship this week! She has the best blogs, and I love following her adventures. She called me last night from the mall, because it looks like she's going to need to buy an uber professional  wardrobe STAT! Check her out here.

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