Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I saw J. Cole and TI this weekend! What you know about that?

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I saw TI in concert this weekend! It was awesome! He was a super secret suprize guest at the J. Cole show. Crazy, right? I'm not even sure where to start this story, so I'll fast forward to us at the Filmore in Charlotte, seeing J. Cole. No, let me back up to last summer. Honestly, I had never even heard of J. Cole until last summer when we saw him at Bonnaroo (in this post) . He was all 'straight up now tell me do you want to love me forever oh oh oh' And you know I love some Paula Abdul hooks, so J. Cole was officially on my team. Then later last year he came out with the awesome reggae sounding 'Can't get enough'
(just hit play. it's such a good song) featuring Trey Songz.
(sorry for the dumb commercial at the beginning, just wait it through, trust me)

Back to us Saturday at the show, so then J. Cole announced his special guest performer "sfdklj" <- thats incoherant words. and me not knowing what J. Cole said. So of course I got my phone out and started taking pics (remember this post when we saw Mobb Deep and they brought Lil Kim out? We have good luck like that)

Everyone in the crowd flipped out and I was like an old woman asking 'What? Who?' Meanwhile, the crowd's going bananas. So I ask BF, I'm like Who is that? Bf said T.I.P. I'm like thinking QTip? no he's way cuter. WHO is this?

Seriously, can you recognise who this is? Where's Tiny?

BF Said 'Tip' I'm like Ugh fine. I guess i'm just that lame girl who doesn't know hip hop (even thought I SOO DO).  I seriously was about to google 'Tip' because everyone seemed to know who that was and was DYING of excitement. I think by then BF realized I truly had no clue and he was like 'Leah! it's T.I.' I'm like wait.... 'THE TI, why would he be with J. Cole?'  Then it happened... the familiar bamp, bamp, ban, dant, ta, dant, ta dant bam. (just hit play)

I started screaming OMG THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG!!!! because really, it's true. I have not one but TWO T.I. cd's in my car. This was probably the 1st song Gav ever sang along with me to. I started shaking and freaking out! I was liek OMGGG. ey..ey..ey..ey..ey..

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that? ey.
don’t you know I got
key by the three when I chirp shawty chirp back
Louis nap sack where I hold'n all tha work at
What you know about that?

.... ok you get the idea.
Thank goodness for youtube, because the entire above scenerio was captured so I can relive it anytime I want to remind myself how I had no clue what J. Cole said as he introduced TI :/ scroll to 1:14 (ok he clearly says TIP. I still don't know why TI is suddenly TIP)

So how did we get to J. Cole's show anyway? Alright, well I drove in with Gav Fri night. I wasn't planning on it, but it worked out and there was awful traffic and fog. Right as I pulled up into BF's driveway they played 'cant' get enough' by j. cole on the radio and said he was performing the next night in Charlotte. I was like ooh I want to go! We went back and forth on if we should go or not (the tickets were each the price of 2 Childish Gambino tickets. So excited we're going to see Donald Glover in 2 weeks). So finally BF was like omg lets just get them. so we did (good call). Super fun night

 Earlier in the day, we went to Common Market and Gav sang and danced out front (after he ate gummy sharks). 
On Sunday we went climbing again (bf taught me how to tie a figure 8 knot. Oh and shout-out to my sister for letting me borrow her climbing gear!)

Another super amazing, fun weekend (and I left out the other kazillion things we did like go to the park, go shopping, cook dinner, watched infinity workaholics & shameless, climb on bf's celiling...), trust me it was awesome!

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