Friday, March 9, 2012

Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor

Posted By: Leah
Hey-Ya. I'm on these shakes now. It's Herbalife. I've heard about it forever but you know, I'm a hater and hate to spend $$ and all that. So I'm not 110% on these yet, but it's also only been 2 full days I've been on them. All I can say is I feel AMAZING.

I know, I know. I'm the one who is always pushing eating vegan and veggie. Yes, I still believe that is the ideal way to eat... if you can. But for me, right now I just can't. I'm not a quitter, and if I reallllly wanted to, yes I could. But for me, right now, it's not practical nor what I want to do. So where does that leave me? Into my 2nd month of WW and I think I'm up 2 lbs? Uh yeah... that's not what I want either.

I have identified the issue. It's not exercise, I'm killing it at body pump, rock climbing, running, eliptical, etc. It's what I'm eating. Remember that weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. I need to get on to what I'm eating and do better. Tracking on WW is very hard for me, and eating 'core' or 'power plus' foods (read: practically vegan/veggie if you do it right) isn't working out. So I've realized I need to get back complex carbs + lean protein to keep me full/ happy/full of energy (because lately I've been sooo tired). Enter: Shake time!
So why this shake? Well... many many years ago I went down the Slimfast path. We all know that's no good. And I've tried those gross chalkey whey protein shakes. But hello whey = dairy and the protein is SICK.

Now, let's rewind back to Courtney's bachelorette party at the beach. We were all laid out in our bathing suits, and when lunch time rolled around... I was eating some chicken dip on a bagel with a malibu and coke while two of the girls were downing these shakes. Actually, they were Herbalife shakes. They talked about them, actually RAVED about them. Ok, fast fwd back to now. One of the girls has lost 50 lbs doing the shakes 2x a day. The other had lost 40 lbs, and is now pregnant.... but get this, the shakes are approved for meal replacments when you are pregnant!

I had asked Courtney about them, but she (like me) is a hater and skeptic. She said it was all a pyramid scheme, and what happens when you get off the shakes, do you gain it all back? Well Courtney has done a WHOLE LOT of research. Like crazy amounts on cell nutrition, low carb diets, high protein diets, etc. And due to a weight-loss challenge she entered (at a place that sells the shakes). She tried them. Just to see what the hype was about. And they were good. Like taste like a cookout milkshake good. And she lost I think 3 lbs her 1st week, then 2 lbs every week since that. She's been on WW since last may and has no where come close to that tracking points.

Moral of story, I have seen 1st hand these shakes work. But did they really taste good? Well, I had courtney pick me up one on the way to work one day. I got pina colada... and it was good. And it made me FULL. But still, I was like idk.... well guess what? Courtney was drawn into the pyramid scheme (because they are a little pricy) to get a discount on her own, so guess what? I placed an order with her and got a discount on them too!

So next, um... how am I supposed to make a shake at work? Problem solved! I went to wal-mart the other night and got a tiny personal blender.... that crushes ice! and it converts into a sport bottle.
I also got another bottle so I don't have to keep washing that 1 all the time... and it came with another blender lid. yes!

And what about variety? drinking the same shake every day, 2 meals a day will get BORING fast. Well... apparently enough people are on these shakes that there are a kazillion websites out there with all sorts of tips and tricks to make infinity flavors. At the end of the day, I'm a sweet over salty person. And these taste JUST LIKE a MILKSHAKE!!

What about fruit 'till noon? - I'm still on that game. I will never ever not eat fruit 'till noon unless I want to lay around and feel sluggish and tired (great plan for vacay).

Wait... if you only eat fruit 'till noon, a shake for lunch, and a shake for dinner won't you die? - Um yes probably. And that is not my plan. These shakes (just like Slimfast commercials) have you using them as a meal replacement for 2 meals. It is not always practical for me to have a shake for lunch or dinner (hello going out to eat!) and so having 2 a day may not work for me. Or I may have a day where I do have the chance to have 2 shakes + fruit till noon. On those days I plan to incorporate another 'meal' of some sort including vegetables, protein, and whatever else I need not to be a total Mary Kate & Ashley. (i'm talking anorexic)

What about all of bf's delicious culinary creations? I will eat them still, duh :) I only see him on the weekends and usually we only eat 2-3 big, full meals. He is a healthy cook. It's usually everything else I eat that gets me headed in the downward spiral of unhealthy eating.

So yes, that's my super duper long firm friday update. I only had a 0.4 change at WW this week, but I'm on these shakes for real for the next week. Get ready to see big #'s because I feel good about these shakes. And no, duh, I won't be on them forever. Just until I get to what I want to weigh, have more interest in fixing food (I currently prepare Gav and I 2 different dinners anyhow, this will actually just be easier for my dinner). I'll keep you posted! the good and the bad. keeping it real.

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