Thursday, March 15, 2012

Making Pinterest Real: Rainbow Cupcakes & Rainbow Nails!

Posted By: Leah

In honor of St. Paddy's Day this weekend, here are two rainbow-themed projects I attempted from Pinterest:

Pinterest Project #1 - Rainbow Cupcakes
The above pic is from pinterest. I found the air heads sour colorful ribbons in the $1 section at Target, Score! I had wanted to make them forever, and ended up making them for my sister's 22nd birthday.

 I had a white box cake mix and white frosting. I added lots of food coloring to the batter.
 They turned out really well!
Except for the rainbows on top. They totally slid off the frosting :/

Pinterest Project #2 - Rainbow Swirl Nails

BF sent me this pic he found on Pinterest. He loves color. And lots of it.  Here's a pic I snapped of the shoes he got when we were in NYC. We go out, he wears them and gets non-stop complements:
 Anyway, so to do the color swirl nails, you get a bowl of water, drop a bunch of nail polish colors in, swirl with a toothpick, then dip your nails in.

... and here's my result.  

Yeah... kind of gross. Maybe if I used fancy china glaze nail polish like in the pic above they might have turned out better? I won't call this one a total fail, but it wasn't pretty.

Have you made anything from Pinterest for St Patrick's Day?


  1. that whole nail polish thing sees so messy. was it terrible?

  2. I totally want to try those rainbow cupcakes!

  3. Hi Leah!! I'm so glad you commented on my post! I was thinking about you, but I couldn't find your blog since it's been a loooong time since I blogged. I just started back recently, so it's so nice to hear from you. Love catching up on your sweet little blog!!

  4. Those cupcakes look awesome. I want them.

  5. Justin Bieber is sexy

  6. I want them cupcakes

  7. i like to lick poo

  8. I made cupcakes like that too and let me tell you that dang rainbow would not stay up!!! WTH?????

  9. i have a cupcake competition at school and im gonna do the rainbow cupcakes. THE RAINBOW BETTER STAY UP!!

  10. to make the rainbows stay up you need to not cut the pieces. Just slide the ends half way into the cupcake. :D


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