Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Mingle: Funeral Wear & Easter Excitement!

Posted By: Leah
Last Wednesday night after a 8 month battle with cancer Gavin's grandfather (his dad's dad) Poppi passed away. For the 1st 3 years of Gavin's life we lived in Virginia and saw Poppi at least once a week... he LOVED Gavin so much. So SO SOO much. I have taught Gav not to be scared of death, and as soon as I got the message about Poppi I told Gavin. Gav said "Poppi is my guardian angel now!"

We were sad that we will never see Poppi again, but also happy that he was able to spend the time that he did with us. SOooo that leads us into the whole "what do you wear to your ex's aka Baby Daddy's dad's funeral where you haven't seen any of the people in that family for the past 2 years?"

I'm super traditional and even though not many people wear black to funerals anymore, I still think it's the right thing to wear. Gav's had this argyle sweater all winter and it's really cute, I just dress him in bright colors instead. But It was a perfect funeral look with black pants.

I wore a cute swing jacket (hard to tell in the pic) and skirt knit suit I got at Target with a top that's technically navy and royal (oh well!) also from Tarje. The awesome flower is made by me and I have one in my Etsy shop. I had on black geometric textured tights and black suede wedge heels. 

The memorial service (technically they called it a 'celebration of life' not a funeral) was really nice. Gav and I got to sit in the family section (I wasn't sure if they'd want me there or what). And Gav's name was mentioned A LOT during the service, which he LOVED! Gav did thumb's up to whomever was speaking when they said things he agreed with. It was too cute! After the memorial service Gav and I got to go back to Poppi's house where the whole family was and there was TONS of food. Yay for funeral food! I've been doing well on my shakes (from this post) and I kept my funeral food goodness as healthy as possible (hey, I'm in the south... these people love an excuse to cook deliciousness). I stuck to salad, beans and fruit.

I really enjoyed myself at the funeral (I mean, as much as is possibe considering the circumstances) and felt very embraced by the ex's family (whom I've known for the past 13 years). It was great to see all of them and get caught up.

On another's beginning to look a lot like Spring!
I didn't see BF this weekend (because we traveled up to Richmond, VA), but I got super duper crafty at home Saturday and made this amazing wreath! It only cost $5 to make... seriously! I'll put together a full DIY post for it soon.

Some people love Christmas, other people love Halloween... my favorite holiday is EASTER
I love everything about it, especially Robin's eggs! This past week my friends from work and I hit up Taste (IMO the best fro yo place) and they had Robin's egg fro yo.... I let out an audible gasp when I saw it. AND they had robin's eggs on the topping's bar. Sooo amazing.

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