Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

Posted By: Leah
This weekend I celebrated two birthdays! A 26 year old's and a 7 year old's.

The first one was Lauren's on Friday night! I'm not sure if you remember, but I did a really long/hilarious/mostly embarassing more than anything else post on her 25th birthday at the club last year. You can catch up on that post HERE.

Lauren's actual bday was on Saturday, St. Patrick's day. But she had to be at a wedding, and I *thought* I'd be out of town and at Childish Gambino. But no, he had to break has foot/leg and reschedule for July.

Anyhow, so this year we went to dinner the Friday before her bday, and also the Comedy Zone again too.

 Saturday afternoon I got Gav back from his dad's and we went to his bff Sean's pool party at the Y.
They had a skylander's cake and cupcakes which were actually really awesome. If you didn't know, Skylanders are the hottest video game for the elementary age crowd.

I was pretty bummed that Childish Gambino was canceled, but because we were at the funeral last weekend so we didn't get to see BF.  Post HERE on the funeral if you missed it. Gav & I didn't have anything else going on Saturday night (other than it was St Paddy's day and we were all decked out in Green) so Gav and I headed on down to Charlotte.

Here we were on Sunday on our way to the park with BF so they could skateboard.
It was a good weekend and it went really fast.

AND I got to do my fav thing in this entire world ...which is lay outside in the sun in the grass :D
I'm sooo happy it's finally warm enough to do that again!

How was your weekend?

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