Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Pics ~ Instagram

Posted By: Leah
  Instagram is the best thing ever. I was jealous for so long of everyone with iPhones. It's sooo exciting to have it on the android now. I see so many things I want to share every day. This is the perfect way. YAY! Suddenly there are tons of people on Instagram, it's awesome. If you're on there let me know, I'll follow back! My name on there is
I'll do an entire blog post on how to make pie in a cake... it's pretty rad. BF's mom took a couple pics of my mom, bf, Gav and I and I didn't even know it! I think these are the only pics of me on easter. Here they are! (look at my face, I was SERIOUS about cutting my pie in a cake). I hope everyone had an awesome easter!

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  1. I love Instagram, glad the Android has it now. And love your pie cake.


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