Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Knotieties - Giveaway!

Posted By: Leah
Have you heard of Knotieties? They are super soft luxe hair ties. AKA ponytail holders that are kind to your hair. I started seeing these everywhere...
They were poppingup on Facebook and even included (not exactly sure of the brand) in the March Birchbox:

And even Anthropologie is selling them... trust me these the hottest thing right now!

The deal is they are made out of soft cloth elastic and the way they are shaped/tied is super hair-friendly and so they will never get tangled. I think they are cute and come in such fun colors. I started following Knotieties on FB and ended up getting in on one of her awesome specials! I got the 'flashdance' luxe collection of hot pinks, silver and black! Fun, right!?

Anyhow, to celebrate her 500th FB fan, she is offering a giveaway of $60 worth of free products. I can say first hand, I love these and am so happy I have some. To enter the giveaway click HERE (you will be able to go to her shop, fb site, etc. from there too!) Good Luck!!!!

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