Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Leah's Instagram Diagram & Tutorial

Posted By: Leah

I've mentioned this a lot, I know, but I am sooo happy Android finally has an Instagram app.  I've been able to capture so much awesome, and gotten my Android-toting / iPhone having friends to load the app too if they don't already have it.  I've noticed that everything showing up on Instagram pretty much falls into three categories. I think this is a subconscious thing, but it's also a reallllly easy answer for my friends who are new on there and say 'I don't know what to take pics of.' OH You DO Now...
(Here are some photos from my weekend as examples)
Rainbow - This is everything colorful, bright, vibrant. It's the random things that make Instagram fun and interesting to look at.
 Hipster - This category is a mixed bag of everything people see and think are cool. This one includes fashion, accessories, bands, and random things that don't fall into the rainbow category. It could even be a seemingly normal shot, but when you add that 'Nashville' filter and border it makes it ultra cool, right? Some foods can be hipster, like the latte with a heart swirl on top. Or some sushi which could also be rainbow. This transitions us into...

Food - I love food. And if I'm eating something awesome, or a gorgeous dessert, then of course I want to take a pic to remember and/or show other people who aren't there. Food is usually really colorful and that makes it fall into the Rainbow category almost every time, too.
I will also add that there are a few sub-categories outside of these top three.

If you have a Kid and/or a Pet, they'll probably show up at some point. I don't think kids/pets are all that interesting to everyone so they don't get their own major category (sorry).  I have a kid and post pics of him often (duh, because he is AWESOME). But generally he's doing something interesting and falls into the Rainbow / Hipster category. (Sleeping with a colorful bowtie? YES!)

Another sub-category is Personal Interest / Style. I love Hello Kitty (I even had a dream about her last night that was so emotionally riviting I may have to write an entire post on it). Other people have personal interests that are not 100% Rainbow / Hipster / Food such as... interior design or fashion. But most of this stuff is going to fall under Hipster or Rainbow (like nail polish = rainbow, fashion = hipster or rainbow). I'd even say Hello Kitty could be Rainbow because she's colorful. Or maybe sorta hipster because she's a little throw-back to the 80's.

The last sub-category I'm calling out is Life Landscape Stuff. This will be for all the NYC / Portland / DC / Cali / (enter your own city/state here). Shots of work-spaces, commute, landscapes, parks, etc. Again, generally these will fall into the Rainbow or Hipster. I like this stuff a lot, especially vacations and things outside of the normal going to work shots. I LOVE food truck pics. This falls into the Food category or hipster.

There are a lot of Instagram tutorials online, and here's one (even though it's very intuitive and easy). This is for iPhones, so don't get excited about the tilt-shift focus in tip 5. (click the tutorial on the right to make bigger).

Also, if you want to share a lot of pictures of the same thing, a collage is a great way. I experimented with a few free app's but I found that Diptic really is the best and it was only $0.99 and worth it. Sadly the iPhone app is still a lot better than Android's. But it does the basics.

I've had the Instagram app for not even a week, so I'm sure I'll have more tips and tricks as I get more familiar with it. So far the only super annoying thing I've found is that Android users seem to be treated like 2nd class citizens. From the apps not having all the features, to iPhone users complaing about how 'Instagram was cool until last week' AkA when the Android app came out. Yes... I get it. You think you are all cool because you have had your iPhone before everyone else in the world. Way to go. I never said I was cool or a hipster. Actually, I have successfully proven I'm neither of those. Click HERE for a reminder why.

And... Just watch this... it explains everything...

It's Like Twitter for Pictures.
Oh! And you can follow me at @lovelylifeofleah

PS - My thoughts on FB buying Instagram for $1B? Mark Zuckerberg knows what he's doing. People love sharing pics on FB and as long as there is an option not to post to FB on Instagram, it'll be good. Totally a wait and see for everything else type of thing. I'm pretty sure it's just the people trying to be hipster saying they were the 1st to have an iPhone and 1st on Instagram that have the issues with it becoming more mainstream.


  1. Serious what is all the hate from the Iphone users who have the Android Instagram? It’s pretty lame if you ask me. I love your photos, they are always fun to look at when they pop up.

  2. good tips. I hope Instagram stays separate from FB. I didn't know there was hate!! That is dumb. I am ksperkinson

  3. Ran across your blog and had to tell you how wonderful it is! Beautiful pictures and great ideas :]


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