Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Leahs Weekend Recap - Bikes and Food

Posted By: Leah
On Friday, Gav stayed with my fam so bf and I could bike to a party from our friend C's house (even though I'm pretty scared of bike riding). I knew it would be a good idea to wear my Hello Kitty headband, you know... to keep me safe!

We got to C's w/ our bikes on BF's car and she was making the CUTEST little birds. oh my... I do love birds big time. Not as much as Hello Kitty... but pretty close.  I did a little practice riding in the dark at C's (pretty sure I've never ridden a bike in the dark before) and we headed over to the party.

Can I just say, riding bikes in the dark is super fun!? In the daytime it's scary because there's so many rocks and sticks and cars and crazyness. But at night, it's really quiet and nice.

BF had bungee chorded a 12 pack of high life bottles to the back of his bike, but one of the bungees came off so he had to stop and fix his bike. I have enough issues with my bike riding so I made the executive decision to keep on pedaling and tried to catch up to C. She had taken a wrong turn, but we met up in the right neighborhood. She suggested we go back for BF, but I know that once I'm riding, I need to keep it going and that he would understand. Not exactly sure how long it took BF to become untangled, but it was a while... C and i were actually headed back towards where he was, but he was okay (and probably only a little mad I left him) so we kept on going to the party.

We rode our bikes into the yard and hear the people inside singing 'Take me home... country roads... to a place... I belong..." ok you know, John Denver stuff. C's from WVa, so she was pretty excited they were singing her in. Mountain Mama style.

It was a potluck and BF made the BEST most awesome, delicious thing EVER (that he could carry in his Chrome bag). It was s'mores bars I found last week HERE. Except he of course made them next level and instead of using golden grahams, he used cinnamon toast crunch. And instead of  chocolate chips, he used reece's chips and chocolate chips. It was sooo good. It tasted like caramel almost. These were devoured. on the immediate (so no pics, I just found this pic online, ours looked better).

Remember my adorable hostess gift I talked about HERE? Well, it was all good except I didn't have a chance to give the hostess her gift. Her roommate, who was also hosting the party was there, and I gave it to him instead. And crazy enough, he said he had given a similar 'plantable pizza' to kids he worked with. Pretty cool, right? So we hung out there a while and rode our bikes back to C's.

The next day was Saturday! my fam still had Gav so bf and I ran some errands. I got a new climbing harness which is super comfey, plus a new nalgene bottle, carabineer, and ATC (climbing stuff).  I also got a light for my bike because riding bikes at night = fun (and so I won't have to borrow everybody's everything forever anymore).

I have been seeing french macaroons EVERYWHERE for the past week. Like every blog post, instagram pic, it was crazy. So I had BF take me over to Amelie's for a snack after shopping. We hadn't had breakfast or lunch and it was 12:30pm by then, so I figured I should order something salty too. I randomly got a little cup of the spicy smoked gouda spread and 1/4 baguette. OOOOoooOOooMMMMMMMmmmMmGGGG!!! This gouda spread was the most amazing thing I've evr eaten, like ever. The tiny container wasn't enough, so BF got a whole container of it. It's beyond baller status level of epic. So so so so so good.

After that, we went to the climbing gym. I had taken the class last week to be ATC certified for climbing (which means I can repel someone on my own with an ATC kind of belay device.  I put a pic below, it's hard to describe). Anyhow, I passed the test... yaya!!! So we climbed for a while, but I was already kind of tired. So it wasn't my best performance. Plus I was wearing Lucky Jeans and I was really worried I'd split the crotch while climbing in them, and they made me hot, and yeah... excuses. 

We came back from climbing and my parents dropped off Gav and we rode bikes outside with BF's neighborhood kids. Gav and I are getting super brave on out bikes. Finally! (No hands! Gav's on the far right)

After all that I was worn out! We were thinking about doing something Sat night but ended up staying in and watching Fast Five (Fast and Furious x5). Oh wow... can I just say everyone in that movie got old? Paul Walked, yikes. Vin Diesel, no thanks. And I fell asleep.

Sunday we just laid around and hung out in BF's yard (I seriously love doing this).
We finally got it together to leave BF's and we took Gav to play some cornhole at P. Stone and listened to the band they had outside. Then we walked up to Common Market and met up with C and did some more hanging out in the gorgeous weather. It was another awesome weekend with BF, what can I say... he makes everything super the best. I met a ton of cool people and had so much fun everywhere we went.

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