Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Alternative Pin Ups - Fake SuicideGirls Style

Posted By: Leah
*Sigh* yes... I am fully aware that I am no Suicide Girl. Not enough tattoos or piercings. Or sex appeal or... yeah you get the idea.
...But that didn't stop me from creating my own SuicideGirls look when Courtney did my pin-up photos.

In honor of today being picnik's last day ever :'( I found these pics that I never took the time to edit and got to work on them. So... yes, if something looks airbrushed, it probably is. I'm almost 32, not almost 22 so even though I do have pretty rad skin, come on now... I gave myself perfection because I could :) Oh Picknik, I'll miss you sweet, kind, friend.

I have another set of super classic pin-ups no one has seen, that I worked on that I'll post tomorrow.
If you want to see more you can check out my posts HERE for my purple corset look
and HERE for my rockabilly look.

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