Friday, April 13, 2012

Plantable Salad

Posted By: Leah

How adorable is it to give your hostess a plantable summer salad? I saw the DIY on RestlessRisa and had to come up with a reason to make it. I'm going to a party tonight and think this will be a great gift for the host. 

This is RestlessRisa's and oh my... just too cute for words! I was inspired by hers and made my own with a couple changes.

Instead of a whole variety of veggies, I stuck to lettuce, because I thought it would be super easy to plant. I picked up these seed packs at Lowe's. I was thinking about including soil too, but at the last minute figured people could provide their own dirt (plus it wouldn't fit into the chinese take out gift boxes I got at the $1 store).

Next I cut strips of newspaper. I made the strips about 2" wide, but skinnier would have worked too.
The strips are biodegradable AND perfectly space out the seeds.
Just place the strips 5" apart from each other when you plant them.

Next, I mixed flour and water into a paste. I got a paint brush for easy application to the newspaper.

I painted on the paste and sprinkled the seeds across (I know I'm supposed to space them out, but I figured a lot would fall up when I rolled up the newspaper. And I was right).

Seeds look so weird! where is this on the lettuce plant?

Anyhow I painted the water/flour mixture and sprinkled seeds... for what seemed like days.
But I'm pretty sure it was at least 2 hours. It was brutal.
Make sure to keep the seed packets so you don't forget which seeds are on which strips.

It took about 3 hours for these to dry. You know they are dry when the paper gets hard and curls up.

I actually let these dry overnight just to be 100% sure they wouldn't get stuck to each other when I rolled up the strips. In the meantime I typed up little lables and cards with directions for the plantable salad.

I thought it would be so simple to roll these up, but it actually took me quite a while.
I tried to get Gav to help, but it's not really a project for a 5 yr old. (Or a 32 yr old, but I digress)
 But Gav was an awesome model for me!

 These fit perfectly into the chinese takeout boxes.

Finished product!

I ended up with 8 gifts. I'm not sure if this will be a repeat project for me. They turned out super cute, but took a looonnnngggg time to make. If I ever made these again, I would probably make less and also stick to one thing to plant (like wildflowers).

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