Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So What! Wednesday - I'm a Mom

Posted By: Leah

For today's So What! Wednesday, I'm doing a mom edition. All things I'm saying So What! to are about my almost 6 yrs experience being that person who's called 'Mama.'

So What! That I LOVED being pregnant. I didn't have any discomfort, ate like a crazy person, loved the attention, and never had any morning sickness. Oh and food tasted extra amazing! (did I mention I ate like a crazy person... hello 54 lb weight gain!)

 So What! That I couldn't breastfeed. I have these big boobs and they didn't have anything in them. I felt very very bad about it at the time, but now it really doesn't matter.

So What! That I couldn't push Gav out the natural way and had to get a C-section. I felt bad about that too. I really started off feeling like a failure for not being able to do those 2 seemingly normal things.

So What! Gav also was jaundaced when he was born because I was RH negative (blood type 0 neg) and he had to be on a biliblanket for a week. We had a nurse come check on us daily once we were home and thanks to her she recognised I wasn't producing milk and got Gav on formula. He probably would have starved that first week before we went to the doctor if it wasn't for her.

So What! I constantly offer my prego friends very true, real advice. And sometimes it makes them depressed. But it's things no one told me and I wish they had. Stuff like your life will be complete chaos for the first month you are at home. You will be in straight survival mode. You might even resent your child for being so needy. Pregnant girls don't want to hear that stuff.

On Being a Single Mom:
So What! That I love the freedom it gives me. I get to raise my child how I want without any input from anyone else.

So What! Gav and I have the most fun ever. We do things on our own schedule and don't have to worry about anyone else. Want fro-yo before dinner? Ok!

So What! I don't mind Gav jumping in my bed in the middle of the night. There's no one to say that's bad and I don't have a problem with a 'family bed.'

So What! The bond we have is truly special and unique. Gav gets my undivided attention and I get his.

On Being a Working Mom:
So What! I have zero guilt on going back to work 12 weeks after I had Gav. Oh, and I started him in Daycare at 11 weeks. I had an entire week to myself to 'adjust' aka get my hair cut, prepare to go back, get used to him being in daycare.

So What! That yes I was sad when I had to leave him after having him either in my belly or holding him 24/7 after he was born. I felt an emptyness that is like nothing I've ever felt. It was awful and I cried. Then I took a nap in peace.

So What! That emptyness was quickly replaced with a feeling of freedom and empowerment. I was such a mess being at home with an infant. I took maybe 1 shower a week (maybe). I put on clean clothes um...  never, I was literally a hottt messss.

So What! I think being a SAHM (stay at home mom) is seriously the hardest job in the world. I can't even imagine. The pressure, stress, lack of 'me time.' The expectations to keep up the house, etc. I applaud everyone who does it. They are so lucky to have that opportunity, it truly is the most important and difficult job in the world.

So What! The worst thing about me working is I never get enough time to do what I need to. Folding clothes? Cleaning the windows? Priorities totally change and I'm okay with that.

On Mom Blogging:
So What! I'm not a 'Mommy Blogger.' 99% of the blogs I follow are mom-blogs, and yes I mention I have a child and fun stuff we do, but I'd rather talk about the stuff I'm doing or am into wayyyyy more. And I think that's the stuff people enjoy reading and can relate to.

So What! if I have a lot of guilt reading blogs about women TTC (trying to conceive) and having trouble getting prego when I didn't. I don't think it's fair some ladies can't get preggers the moment they want to and my heart goes out to them.

So What! that I've actually unfollowed blogs that are all about people's kids. If I don't know them, I don't really care about every little thing they do... or say. I know it's cute to them and their family, but it's not a blog I'm interested in when it's all kids all the time.

So What! That I think this post is already kind of boring. I don't know about you, but I get bored of reading mom-stuff non-stop.

So What! It took me 3 hrs to dig up the pictures to write this post. It was worth it, right?

So What! I'm also linking up with Wordless{ish} Wednesday's! Here and here , here, and here! I love using pictures instead of words... but in this post I kind of did both :)


  1. This is a cute post. Thanks for not being a total mommy blog :) But Gav is really cute so it's cool. Is that Hard Rock picture from Baltimore?

    1. Thanks! Yeah I had to go to Baltimore for a tradeshow and I told my work if they wanted me to go, I was taking Gav lol! So hello trip to the Inner Harbor and aquarium. OH and Ace of cakes (I stalked Duff since I was there) HA!

  2. What a clever So what! idea. I'm new here and it's great reading about your journey as a mom. I am in total agreement about the SAHM thing. I have SO much respect for them because I don't know how they are expected to get it all done. When I'm at home with our daughter all day on the weeknds, I feel like I'm constantly scrambling... and I only have one!

  3. Love the post! I think it's great when people can admit that they love their kid, but they still have an identity outside of them! And Gav is super handsome!

  4. Love your post!! Gav is adorable!


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