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Vintage Shopping Kid Free Weekend

Posted By: Leah
I had such an amazing saturday. I had a fun shopping day with just myself! I did so many fun things that I don't even know where to begin this post. I got a ton of cute vintage clothes and jewelry, tried new foods, hung out at new places... but let me back up to how I got to have a weekend of total aloneness to be able to do this stuff. It was 'me-time' all the time. And that is something I am not used to. And honestly, I had not been looking forward to all this alone time with myself either.

If you've been reading this blog for any time at all, you know that on the weekends I hang out with my 5 yr old Gav and we travel over an hour away to Charlotte (where my family lives and where I'm from) to hang out with my BF. This past weekend BF was at a car show and Gav was with his dad.

I'm always driving all over on the weekends, so his weekend I knew I should relax and stay in the area and not go anywhere outside of Greensboro. I knew I needed to leave co-dependent Leah at home and get out and explore Greensboro all by myself.  (SN: I've lived in this city since I came to UNCG in 1998, I moved to Richmond for 4 years, but have been back for 3 years)

I just think of this Greensboro as blah... I'm from Charlotte, a much bigger and city. But in the 14 years since I first got here Greensboro has grown... a lot. So this past Saturday morning I got up early, took a shower, and put on a fun outfit to headed out for the day. My first stop was the Farmer's Curb Market near downtown Greensboro.

 There were tons of pretty flowers and vendors selling all sorts of deliciousness. But nothing I couldn't live without. I didn't stay long, and headed to Elm street, which is the main street downtown in Greensboro.

I parallel parked on the street (holler) and took a peek at my reflection. Check out my booty, yikes! hahah ok bad angle.
... I think it's a distorted reflection. ANYWAY so I started walking down the street. This random dude (kind of hipster-ish) was walking towards me. When he got to me he put out his fist, and we did a random fist bump and both kept walking. This was only within 30 seconds of me getting out of my car. 

I kept walking and there was a lady in front of me in a super cute rockabilly dress. The top 4" of the back of the dress was unzipped. I was close to stopping her and offering help... but then I had the thought maybe the zipper was broken or it didn't fit her. And I don't talk to random strangers! As I had this internal dialogue, she turned around to me and asked me to zip her up and said she was running late to work. I zipped her, complimented her outfit (she had on great sunglasses perfectly matching her dress) and thought "I've been downtown for not even 5 minutes and have met up with 2 fun people.... maybe these are my people around here!" 

I got up to the area with the cute vintage shops, but the first one I saw (above) was not open yet. Across the street was store called Just Be and they had a bubble machine outside! I was kind of being a creep standing there taking a picture with my phone, so I figured I'd go in and check it out. 

OMG this store was the most adorable ever! Everything is either locally made, or made in the USA or fair trade. It was very much an Etsy come to life type place. I got the above to items, the adorable head band and kawaii necklace. Look at the top of this page, the little cloud I use as my icon? It was him... on a necklace! The girl working was soo nice. She complimented my Hello Kitty top, and we chatted for quite a while. It was clear we were really similar and should hang out. So Emily, if you're reading this, hey!!! 

I left there, crossed the railroad tracks and walked into a store that looked cute called Across the Tracks. OMGGGG this was by far the most amazing vintage shop I've ever been in. The lady working was so sweet and after I grabbed about 10 dresses, just everything I saw I wanted, she told me she gave honest opinions and to let her know if I had any questions. This lady was awesome. I had her zip me into about 1/2 the outfits, and she gave really good advice... so did the other shoppers. All the clothes were vintage not Good-Will vintage, but legit from the 80's or before kind of stuff. And the prices... so good! Everything was right around $10. My favorite is the brown dress in the lower left picture. Ok my phone and Diptic app didn't do it justice, but it's absolutely spectacular. Totally authentic 1960's Mad Men all the way. 

I'll have to do a special post on these dresses another time, because they are each so awesome. 
After leaving that shop, I walked down to the end of Elm street, and really wanted to go to Elsewhere, but they weren't open yet (even though it was almost 1pm) so I'll have to go there another time. 

I walked back up Elm St and stopped in a few more places. One super adorable shop (and I forgot the name!) was where the lady who's dress I zipped up earlier worked. She helped me big time this time! We got to talking about vintage and I showed her one of the dresses I had gotten at the shop earlier. She helped me pick out the perfect necklace for it. It's super 80's but I just love it (it's the dress I'm wearing in the upper left pic above). 
by then it was after 1pm and I was getting a little hungry (considering I hadn't even had breakfast yet). I stopped into the Green Bean (where we went ALLL the time when I worked downtown back in the olden days aka '02 - '05). Emily with Just Be had suggested going to Loaf for a life changing experience with their pastries and scones, so I just got a red tea and honey and a banana at the Green Bean.
I charged my phone and played on Instagram for a while (if you follow me on there, sorry you have already seen all these pictures already!)  I got caught up on e-mails, checked FB, and  talked to BF :) 

I went in some more shops, and made my way down to Loaf. I wanted something sweet, but figured because it was almost 3pm, I needed something a little more like lunch. So I got the jalapeno foccacia bread. OMGGG... the lady warmed it up in the oven for me and it was seriously amazing. I might as well have been eating the best pizza ever. It was that good and had so much cheese! I also got coconut water for the 1st time. I had heard other people talk about it, and have seen it at whole foods and stuff, just never got it. It was sooo delicious! I want to drink it all the time now. It really was coconut + water. YUMMM.

The last thing I did when I was in the area was check out a bike! Remember my post from last week HERE when I decided I liked riding bikes again? Well I found this one that would be perfect for me! I'd just get it cleaned up and painted, etc. Exciting, right!? I haven't purchased yet, but am thinking about it.

SO that was just my saturday morning/afternoon. There's even more that happened this weekend but this post is already super long. I know it's not a big deal to most people to go downtown and shopping by themselves, but I am admittedly super co-dependent and would rather do things with other people. Fortunately I have Gav with me pretty much all the time, so I very rarely do anything alone, not even go to the grocery store. But I had fun by myself this weekend! that's where I'm going with this whole post. I had a ton of time to myself and I really enjoyed it.

What did you do this weekend?
Are you okay having a lot of time to yourself?


  1. that first dress is incredble, and lucky you having time to yourself!

  2. Hi neighbor! I'm making it a point to say hello the persons right and left and the persons above and below on these Monday night forums. I'm in Virginia near Charlottesville, so we really are neighbors (almost). Glad you were able to have a kid free weekend with some time to yourself. Looks like you had an adventure!

  3. Sounds like you made the most of the weekend. Thanks so much for sharing on Monday Mingle.

  4. You gotta love me time! What a pretty dress!


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