Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Review ~ Instagram Style

Posted By: Leah
Gav and I had a super full weekend yard sale-ing it up, running errands and getting ready for my bday next Saturday (Cinco de Mayo)! My yard sale table totally looked like a party! Oh! and  Gav had his first lemonade stand (even though it was only 55 degrees Sat morning) at our yard sale and rocked it. He's a little salesman for sure. I let him keep his earnings and he was crazy excited. Then it burned a hole in his pocket and he had me take him to buy a new Skylander for his game.

I already know what you're thinking, you're super curious about the cupcake tower in the middle of the yard sale table, right? I knew it! Remember (or you might not if you're new around here) last year I was hot on making washcloth cupcakes. I sold a bunch at my work's holiday craft fair but still had a pile left over. So they made an appearance at the yard sale. I will take pics of what didn't sell and get these listed in my Etsy Shop sometime soon. Also... speaking of my Etsy Shop....

 I sold quite a few earrings that I made at the Yard Sale too! But for those that didn't sell... they're going in my Etsy shop too!

Ok enough about Etsy, so Gav's been looking sooo super handsome with his longer hair. But the side-burns were getting a little much and even though I probably could trim them up myself... I just didn't want to risk messing up his adorableness.
So this week we got his hair trimmed up. He's so boss!
Yikes, that leads me to my hair cut drama. I ALWAYS cut my own bangs. It is a skill I have and I can get by with trimming them up once a month or so. Well... I figure it's been about 4 months of this and I needed a professional to make sure I was doing it right... and this is what SHE the $18 bang trim lady gave me...
 UGH Embarassing, right?! And why was I wearing a turtleneck to work? ok bad decisions all around. So I've been trying to make the most of my baby bangs. Do people who aren't all rockabilly even wear bangs like these anymore? I'm going to go with yes and try to rock them. I don't really have another choice.  And yes they are soo uneven! But I feel like if I go back to have the girl fix them she'll have to cut them shorter anyway so I might as well work with them. And be semi-embarassed.

So much trauma. Moving on!  It's been a year since the Royal Wedding! So on TLC it was wedding weekend. I love wedding stuff so much. Kate's dress really was awesome and Pipa and her badonk...  

Oh and the last thing... Did you know that I go to church? Well I don't go that often. But I have gone for the past couple of years and attended the last 2 sundays. Anyway, so the church I've been attending pretty regularly off and on said some stuff this sunday I DO NOT AGREE WITH. They said that being gay is a sin and that divorce is a sin. And I really can't handle that... at all. And this is a very contemporary non-denominational 'rock and roll' church.

The preaching part I can give or take depending on the week. But when they come out and 1- start talking about sinning and hell and 2- say things that I do not agree with, I don't think I can keep going. And that really sucks, I liked the music and all the hipster college kids. So really, the main reason I like going to church is they make the service like a concert. And the music is super good.  And I could try out wearing vintage my crazy styles. And everybody was nice. But an unsupportive environment of my own life circumstances and those of people who are my friends where they call what we have to do is a 'sin.' That is not where I want to be. And for sure not where I want Gav to be.

The only good part of church this week was that in the music part at the beginning this Sunday, a girl sang my fav (christian) song. I actually saw Kari Jobe (the girl in the video below) sing this song live. It's absolutely beautiful.

And no, I promise I'm not going to talk about religion, social activisim or anything else in my blog anymore after today. I find it all very personal and I respect everyone's opinions. I am just really let down that the church I had been attending suddenly is talking about things different than what I believe. Isn't the whole point of church to bring people together? Well I don't want to be brought together with them. Sucks :(


  1. My mama, sis and I stayed up all night watching the wedding last year!

  2. hi Leah,
    too bad about the Church... i know that can be very disappointing. I've been there!


  3. Ug. That's obnoxious. Why do people have to take a relatively good idea and go and make it ugly? Sorry they were crappy. Maybe it is time to find a more welcoming place. Somewhere you can actually be yourself and not be condemned to hell.


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