Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yarn Bombing - Guerrilla Crochet

Posted By: Leah
Usually when I find something awesome on Pinterest, I am inspired to try to make it myself. Because I have zero crochet / knitting skills, I had to put together a whole post just to share it with you. I wish I could make it myself. It's called Yarn Bombing, and it's so so gorgeous.

One of the artists said they yard bomb, "Because at some point you realize you can only make so many afghans."
Awesome, right?

All photos (and there are even more!) are from HERE.

I need to learn to knit... pretty much right now, just so I can make these. Gorgeous!


  1. There's a little bit of knit graffiti in my neighborhood! It's not as epic as these, but still pretty darn cool. I'm planning on posting photos of it (and the other quirky aspects of my neighborhood) sometime in the next week.


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