Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Button swap in June! I want to sponsor your blog!

Posted By: Leah
Exciting news, I'm offering an opportunity to promote your blog on Lovely Life of Leah for FREE in June! All that I ask in return is a button swap... my button on your blog. And a minimum of one shout-out (mention) in a blog post of your choosing directly linking to my site.

I love to promote the handmade community, blogs of all sizes, and fashion, beauty, accessory and other items for ladies and children.

Who might sponsor my blog? You! Bloggers, handmade companies, fashion, and beauty stylists. Let me help you expand and grow your customer and readership base!

Ad spaces run for 30 days and begin on the first of the month.

*I require that your button be 250-pixels wide and 150-pixels high. I will crop/resize your rectangular button for free.

Do you need a button? I will make one for a small $10 fee for my time and creativity. You may use this button all over the web. I’ll include the html code as well as the jpg (example below) All I need is a couple of your favorite photos and I’ll put one together for you. Email me at leahwinstead*at*yahoo.com if you want a button creation for your ad space.

- I had a high day of 6,333 visitors in May, 2012.

Giveaways are always welcome! Interested on me doing a review of your item, let me know!

I also guest-blog, please contact-me at leahwinstead*at*yahoo.com for
availability and requirements.

*All blog button swaps subject to blog approval. I reserve the right to remove your sponsorship if I determine that your blog content is unacceptable to me or if you do not fufil your agreement to display my button, and include LovelyLifeofLeah.com in one post.


  1. I want in! I think I have a button! I think I need a new makeover soon but I'm hopeless at this stuff! Oh and today you aren't blocked! Woo hoo!

  2. I am intersted in doing this! I have a very small blog and i would love to expand it! And i love your blog and that you love Hello Kitty, because im a HK lover too! I dont have a button, but i can get to work on creating one. Let me know :)


  3. Leah, I totally want to swap buttons with you!

  4. I am very interested in getting my blog shared and of course sharing your amazing blog. A button ohhhh I need that. I will email you ideas!



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