Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Posted By: Leah
Last week Gav and I scored free tickets to the carnival!  Every time I think of fairs in the spring, I think about the ending of Grease and Sandy saying to John Travolta "Tell me about it, stud." And Where did her Australian accent even go? Maybe she's like Goyte and it disappears when she sings? Ok... press play (and maybe take a sec to watch if you haven't seen Grease in a while) 
BTW what's up with John Travolta getting sued  by male masseurs? Yikes!

ANYWAY! back to the carnival. Gav wanted to go on all the rides, he is completely fearless. It's awesome, I'm so proud of how brave he is. Unfortuinatley he's not even close to 54 inches tall, so he had to stick to mostly kiddy rides and activities, but that didn't stop him from having crazy fun!

Dumbo ride at Disney? How about we save mama a pile of cash and go on a knock-off dumbo ride at our carnival! hahah.

It was exactly the same, you pull on the bar and you rise into the air.
They even had a tiny rollercoaster. Gav loved this one too!

This one was called Rockin' Tug. It seemed pretty tame, but the boat went wild all Deadliest Catch style. Ok not quite, but it was hurling around a whole lot more than I expected!

We came up to the Superman ride and Gav wanted to go on it soo badly. It's the ride where you lay on your stomach, are pretty much only held in by holding onto a bar in front of you. They allowed Gav on and this was the only one I was genuinly scared that he'd fly off (ok I know these are all 'safe' but it's a traveling carnival... everybody knows those are only like 60% safe, right?)

Gav ended up doing awesome. I was sooo proud!

Speaking of the knock-off Dumbo ride, they also had knock-off Hello Kitty's! See how she has a hat instead of a bow and a MOUTH! Entirely too much wrongness.

It was sooo totally not at all like the NC State fair. Cherck out our pics from that awesome day HERE. Now THAT is some photo awesomeness. I was bummed this carnival didn't even have a ferris wheel. But hey, it's free and what else did we have to do last Thursday? Thanks Lauren and Meagan for the hook-up with tickets!

Have you ever seen the fair photo shoots? I absolutely adore them. I'm not sure what life event I have coming up that would warrant me hiring a pro to follow me around the fair, but the pics always turn out awesome.

ADORABLE, right? 


  1. The carnival pictures are so good! That funnel cake looks delicious.

  2. I just love that scene on Grease! Classic!

  3. I LOVE the carnival. Big A hates carnival rides. It's a bummer! Glad to see Gav is so brave. Maybe he can teach Big A a thing or two! Haha!


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