Friday, May 25, 2012

Foxy Friday

Posted By: Leah
If you've been following my blog for any amount of time you've seen my numerous diet, weight-loss and fitness attempts. I've done everything from vegan, to raw, to Herbalife to Weight-Watchers... and that's just in the past 6 months LOL! I guess you could say I'm just that typical yo-yo dieter. I'm linking up with my girl K with Down at Fraggle Rock who's started her own Friday link-up called Foxy Friday!

Through my extensive dieting, um, we'll say research (aka yo-yo dieter for life) I have picked up on a few things that I know work... undeniably tried and true tips and tricks to A- feel great (this is what it's all about, right?) B- drop the lbs and inches.
1- Fruit 'till Noon. I have done infinity posts on this, but I truly believe that eating nothing except fresh, raw fruit from the time I wake up until noon is the best thing I can do for my body. 4am - Noon is when the lymbic system (the body's natural detox) is cleaning out the 'crap' from the day before. Fruit is already a glucose, so it takes zero energy to process. Just try it sometime, you'll be full of energy. And if you're hungry, eat more fruit. It's just until noon, and unless you have a glucose intolerance/diabetes/hypoglycemia, etc. you'll benefit.
2- Water. Duh! drink 8 cups of water minimum daily. We know this.
3- Exercise. Duh again. I hate exercising, getting sweaty, all that, but it's good for the body and works.
4- No Dairy. This is a personal thing I've discovered and I LOVE all dairy (hello cheese and fro-yo and sour cream, and...) Yeah I know non-fat dairy has been proven to reduce fat along the mid-section, but it's also been proven by even more people to pack on the pounds. The cow's milk we drink was created for making a baby cow grow and thrive, not humans (this is a quote from my vegan days, but it's true).
5- The gluten monster. I love bread. Bread makes me happy. I want to have a carb party all the time. But for some reason it makes me pack on the lbs faster than anything else. HOW!? WHY!? I have a gluten tolerance, I LOVE IT! and I cry tears of sadness for all the celiac sisters. 
Here's me eating bread and smoked Gouda cheese and butter and I'm happy! My insides smile with joy because of the deliciousness. How can any of this be bad? It's French!

It's all about Moderation, people! But that's where I've failed on Weight Watchers (I'm a lifetime member who's tried going back 3 times and dropped out each time). Hi, My name is Leah and I know no moderation. I don't sit around binge eating (anymore... that's for another post!) but I really am an all or nothing girl. If I start eating not 100% healthy, it's a fast downward spiral.
"bagels and cream cheese for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch, pizza for dinner? perfect day!"
 um... no.

(play for appropriate ambiance)

I heard the statistic that 50% of women's magazine articles are about how great you already are and the other 50% is how to lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks because you're not ok. It sucks, but it's how our society is... Actually, it reminds me of Mystery (don't act like you already forgot about The Pickup Artist...aka best reality show ever, aside from Ali's season of the Bachelorette with Chris Lambton).

Mystery's whole deal on The Pickup artist was that something inside us all (females and males) responds to positivity, but a little bit of negativity or 'Negs' as he called it, thrown in  iswhat truly motivates us. A Neg is more of an underhanded compliment.  It sounds positive, but yet it says nothing good – or bad.

The the magazines say: You're beautiful, you're smart, but if you were a little more fit, your life will be even better, but you're okay now. And no matter how much we try to dismiss these negs, I think that's what keeps us motivated. Yes, we want to feel amazing and look amazing and have confidence. It's the little internal battle that keeps so many of us going. We try so hard not to be insecure but we are. Sucks.

Anyhow, I fall victim to the negs all the time. And thats what keeps me motivated in some weird, competitive way. I kind of enjoy trying new diets, seeing what works. Keeps life interesting. But that's just me, what keeps you motivated? I'll be back next week with what I'm actually doing to get my health on. Until then, have an awesome weekend!



  1. Love this. And OMG Mystery! You brought it back! LOVE that shit.

    1. Awesome!!! Yes Mystery was the man! (in the lamest creepiest dork from Canada sorta way)

  2. Thanks for the great advice. I have been on a rollercoaster FOREVER. But I am always willing to try things. The fruit is on my list!

    1. I first learned about Fruit 'till Noon reading Skinny Bitch when I did the vegan this a couple years ago. They didn't really explain why, so I researched and discovered the Fit for Life books. These went into the medical reasons of why it is effective. I asked a nutritionist in the health system where I work what she thought about Fruit till Noon. She said it's one of those things that works for some and if it does, it's good to do. I've recommended it to sooo many ppl and everyone loves it and has crazy energy (except my mom, but she's a protein for breakfast fan). I recommend doing fruit till noon mon - friday then on saturday eat your normal breakfast of carbs, dairy, protein, etc. Make sure you don't have plans for the day because you'll be super sluggish. Your body will be so used to functioning more efficiently that it'll force you to rest to process all the differend foods. For real! :)

  3. I literally used to tell myself that I was a big gigantic blob on my drive home so that I would stop at the gym. Haha. Some days it worked. Some days it didn't. Thanks for linking up lady!


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