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HOVAN gourmet DIY

Posted By: Leah
Anyone who grew up in Charlotte, NC knows that the best thing about South Park (South Park, the mall, much different than the tv show) was the Hovan Gourmet restaurant in the food court. Ten years ago  the mall had a makeover and Hovan was replaced with a Lord and Taylor, and I haven't had a Hovan wrap since. 

What is a Hovan? It's a Mediterranean wrap that has the most amazing cream cheese herb spread. It's sold in slices and the taste is unlike anything else. Hovan Gourmet is still in business, just no longer in North Carolina. If you're reading this and live in Georgia or Florida do yourself a favor and go to Hovan right now. HERE's a link to the locations. Don't even attempt to make the spread because the real thing is amazing. For everyone else, I did several searches (and looked on Pinterest) and I believe I've found the mystery recipe to make the amazingly addictive Spread. 

 To make the spread you need to get...
  • 5 green onions, chopped
  • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh chives
  • 2 teaspoons dried chives
  • 1/2 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 (12 ounce) container whipped cream cheese
  • 3/4 cup Greek-style yogurt


In the container of a food processor, combine the green onions, fresh chives, dried chives, onion powder, cream cheese and yogurt. Pulse until blended, but the onions and chives should be in chunks. Transfer to a container, and refrigerate overnight before serving.

Another thing that makes Hovan so amazing is the bread they use. I remember it being a super soft, thin wrap. Much softer than a tortilla. In picking up the other ingredients at The Fresh Market, I saw their hand made pita bread. I got a pack and cut the pita pocket in half and it was very similar to the bread used at Hovan. 

Other than the amazing spread and bread, I couldn't remember all the other Hovan ingredients. I laid turkey and spring mix lettuce on top. I think the real Hovans have like a oil and vinegar dressing on them too, but I didn't want to risk messing my wrap up or taking away from the awesome herb spread I made.
I wrapped it up and sure enough... it was very VERY CLOSE to the Hovan I remember. It's the kind of spread that you crave after having it even once. Gavin LOVED it and I feel so lucky I've found this awesome recipe. I had to do a post and share it with all of you!

Update on tiny Gav. We're headed off to the Dr. this morning even though he's stopped throwing up. Hoping the norovirus has peaced-out of his tiny belly. I'm prepping for my bday vacay and washing my hands like a crazy person. Ok maybe that was after I shared my lunch with Gav. So hoping I have a stomach of steel and won't start throwing up big time. And if I do... we still have some more of his  amazing anti-nausea pills the dr called in for us. Yay for modern medicine :) 

Have you ever hear of  or been to a Hovan Gourmet?


  1. Glad your little man is feeling better! And crossing my fingers that you don't get it too!

  2. I have never been there, though my college roommate was from there and we visited often. Course your sandwhich looks delish (minus the meat).. I may just try this vegetarian style... Thank you for your kind words regarding my crazy pregnancy hormones, glad to know I am not alone with these WEIRD to me feelings :)

  3. okay THAT looks amazing! Hope little G feels better soon!

  4. Lived in Florida many, many years. Hovan roll was always on the top of my list when visiting the mall. Such a tasty little thing!!! I use cracker bread or mediterranean bread flat bread or "lavash" bread. Excellent!!!! Make often as I live in Oklahoma now and can't get my fingers around a real Hovan.

  5. I worked at the original Hovan in Atlanta years ago. That is the best sandwich EVER. It did not contain an oil/vinegar based dressing.

  6. I was the second employee at that Southpark store and worked there for almost two years in high school! My favorite was the vegetarian despite the fact that I am not one. Spread cheese, Havarti with dill, avacado, provolone, lettuce, tomato and salt / pepper. I really craved that one and miss them terribly. The other awesome thing they had were the breakfast wraps - egg, havarti and ham with butter on top, microwaved. yum. But I think a better recipe for this (you won't believe how close it is) is simply 1 packet of regular Philadelphia cream cheese (not whipped - use the regular block and leave out for an hour so you can mix it and 1 hidden valley ranch spice packet from the grocery store. Your consistency is way off I can tell by the pictures - trust me on this one - give my recommendation a try and you won't believe it. Now if anyone has any ideas about the unleavened Armenian flat bread they used I'm all ears. I usually use burrito wraps. Enjoy! Andy

  7. One other thing - the bread that Hovan uses is called "unleavened Armenian flat bread" and comes as a cracker bread in bags that had 5 or 6 sheets to a bag. We filled a sink up in the back and would submerge all sheets stacked together under water for about 10 seconds. Then you'd bring the sheets back out, shake off the excess water and put them back in the bag to steep. The next day they would be pliable and able to be rolled into the sandwiches. I hate that they are gone. The sandwiches are addictive. I used to eat the spread cheese off the spatula it was so good. :)

  8. Oh my god. We used to have a Hovan (in Georgia) but they shut it down in our mall. I've been craving one of those amazing wraps ever since.


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