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Leah's Beach Birthday - Part 2 My Birthday is like Christmas and Hootie lets me down

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... I woke up last Saturday, Cinco de Mayo, and it was my 32nd birthday. More importantly, why is my boob about to fall out of my shirt in the picture above? You can get caught up on how we got to the beach, and my Big Tymers singalong in pt. 1 HERE. But don't get too distracted with that one, this post involves Hootie, pee, and throwing up. My kind of birthday! hahah

Sorry, let me first back to my birthday day. I wake up and It's a beautiful day at the beach. BF had arranged my gifts and it was like Christmas morning.. but you know it was ALL FOR ME!  BF had gathered all my gifts from my family, his, Gav, etc. and brought them to the beach for me. 

Nice shell artwork and white wicker lampshade. 
BF led me outside as soon as I got up and made some delicious coffee from Cup A Joe (from yesterday's post)
And, just like on Christmas morning, bf brought me out each one of my cards and gifts... one at a time. It was awesome. I could really take my time to enjoy and appreciate each one. (I can already tell you're getting bored and wondering where Hootie and the throwing up is).

I really have the most thoughtful friends and family. For sure.
Yes, I'm wearing HK pj pants.
And... one of my favorite gifts was Kate Spade sunglasses!!! They were from BF
I like to think I look like this wearing them ( the pink & orange ones. HOTTT right?)

Oh! BF also decorated with a banner too, so much awesome!
And yes, these are all my gifts laid out. I love it all!
But somehow it got even better. When people have asked me about my birthday, I skip over everything else  (even the throwing up and pee) and tell them about this... 

BF somehow smuggled eclairs and french macaroons from Amelie's in Charlotte all the way to the beach. I have no clue how he hid them from me, and even had them hiding in my refrigerator. I had no idea. It was truly so amazingly special! These are my absolute favorite.
Happy Birthday to me! 
My life really, truly, is awesome. I spent the next couple hours watching the dolphins (yes! for real!) swim behind fishing boats (they apparently like to play in the wake of fishing boats) and chill out on the balcony some more. It was all the fun of hanging out on the beach, minus the sand.
Remember the fried oysters from the night before? BF cooked those up, sauteed portabello mushrooms, added avocado and chipotle aioli on a grilled wrap. It was a fabulous bday lunch. 

After all that awesomeness bf laid down inside. He has a hernia and it was getting progressively worse by the hour. He had pulled off an amazing bday morning for me, though and for that I am grateful. I'm also grateful he had gone to the surgeon last week to schedule his hernia surgery. They hooked him up with some pain killers to make him able to manage the pain... sort of. 

Later in the day, we took showers and headed down to Wilmington, NC for dinner. BF drove and was in pain again, but I really didn't understand how much. We got to Wilmington, found a place to park on Front St. and when I went to figure out how and who we pay for parking, I came back and he was super sick by the car. Not sick like flu sick, like he was in so much pain driving it made him physically ill. Multiple times. Bad times for sure.

So these keys were just some random 'art' in Wilmington

I was really worried about BF... did we need to go to the hospital?? (earlier in the week BF's dr told him if the pain got too bad, he could go to any ER and have the hernia surgery done prior to his surgery date in June).

But BF knew my history of having other people sick on my bday (story of my life, ugh), and he tried his best to keep it together for me. He seemed okay to walk around, and we found this great restaurant on the water called The George on the river walk in downtown Wilmington.

While BF was downing ginger ale, I ordered myself a lovely strawberry shortcake martini with cake vodka.

I promise I really did feel bad for BF. I was more than ready to go to the hospital with him at any moment. But he assured me he was okay.... so I kept drinking ;)
BF had more ginger ale for dinner, and I had a lovely spinach salad with strawberries and bacon wrapped scallops. BF had a few bites, I think it helped him feel better. No really, it did (maybe).
After dinner we walked around a little, and it was Cinco de Mayo, don't forget! My birthday is always a party!
Then suddenly it started raining big time and we ducked into the closest door which happened to be an Irish pub! I'm  not even sure what it was called. But it was awesome, and of course I had some more drinks. I mean what else is there to do in an Irish pub on your bday except to drink. But... I could tell BF was about to fall asleep. Between the pain, rain, and being worn out from pampering me on my birthday, I could tell he was done. 
But not before I serenaded him in a little Hootie and the Blowfish 'Hold my Hand' and 'Let her Cry.' 
Seriously? I don't know who was in charge of the music at this place. But for some reason (and maybe 2 cake vodka diet cokes and 2 Blue Moons later) this was the best, most appropriate song ever
'Cause I've got a hand for you I've got a hand for you 'Cause I wanna run with you Won't you let me run with you? yeah 
Hold my hand Want you to hold my hand Hold my hand I'll take you to a place where you can be Hold my hand Anything you wanna be because I wanna love you the best that, the best that I can 
Be super jealous, I know you wish I would sing these sweet, sweet words to you in the rain on MY birthday. I'm not sure BF was as impressed with my singing as I was with myself. But pretty soon the rain let up and we made a dash for the car to go back.

Technically, Wilmington is only about 20 miles from Topsail Island. The problem is that we were staying in North Topsail, which is another 30 min drive once you get on the island. When we got in the car, on the 4-lane highway and I saw the GPS said we were over an hour away from our condo...and I realized something. I had to pee. Bad. 

I blaim Hootie. Actually, this is the 2nd time Hootie has let me down in life. I even did a blog post on it back in September 2010. Check that out HERE. And don't judge me.

But you can judge me for what happened next. See how I tried to throw you off and change the subject for a minute? Yeah... so you probably guessed what happened next. I made BF pull over to the side of the road so I could use to the bathroom.... on the ground behind a building!!!! For some reason (Geez Hootie!) I couldn't hold it until we found a gas station, fast food place or anything acceptable other than the gravel lot behind some modular home sales center. (*hangs head in shame.* not a proud moment).

And the worst part is... I have pee-phobia. I think a lot of people have this, they really have to go... but sometimes in public places (or when your BF insists on shining car lights on you) it's really hard to go. Somehow (maybe it was the fact it was raining on me again) I found the strength to go. Yay for flip flops, but not yay for skinny jeans. I may need to throw them away I don't even know... 

Ok, before I embarass myself anymore than I already have I'm going to wrap this up. That was my 32nd birthday day. I have one more birthday post coming. I'm not even sure how it could top this one per the throw-up/pee / hootie / Hello Kitty xmas for my bday factor... but I'll try. 

And for the record, I've only peed outside (for any reason, even camping) that I recall once before.... when I was 19 and at the beach. Ok maybe it's not Hootie's fault. Maybe it's all the salt air. In any case, it was a good birthday but I felt super bad/sad/awful that BF did not feel his best. He totally stepped up and kept it together for me, even when I wasn't keeping it together myself. Is this how you celebrate your birthday? 

PS I'm linking up with From My Gray Desk for High 5 for Friday:
My 5 Fav's from my Birthday

5- Amelie's eclairs and macaroons (duh)
4- Cup A Joe coffee (duh)
3- Being at the beach and relaxing (for the most part) for my birthday
2- The fact that my friends and fam know how I like to celebrate and indulge me this 1 day a year.
1- The fact that this is the 1st birthday I've spent with my BF and he did it up right, even though he felt pretty awful. 


  1. Presents, music, cocktails, people you love AND sprinkled with memorable awkward moments? It doesn't get ANY better than that. Happy belated bday.

  2. Hahaa... "pee-phobia" is SO real... I always call it "pee-stipated" lol


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