Friday, May 4, 2012

Leah's Birthday Pedi with Gavin

Posted By: Leah

Tomorrow is my birthday! Cinco de Mayo, always a party! 
I've been on this cupcake kick recently (lets be honest, who is ever NOT on a cupcake kick?) With my impending birthday, and just life in general... I needed to add a little bit more happiness in my life. I couldn't think of a better way than to get cupcakes on my toes for my bday! The only problem is that I had Gav with me when I made this decision to get my toes done and well... he is a boy. But my desire for cupcakes drawn on my tootsies outweighed anything else and when I drove by a nail salon advertising they had 'kid chairs' I did a U-turn and made my cupcake toes a reality. Gavin was the innocent bistander who was with me and ended up getting his first ever professional pedicure. 

I am very open minded and if Gav had ever expressed an interest in getting a professional pedi prior to now, I'd be the first to get him to the nail salon. And yes, if I'm home painting my nails or toes and Gavin expresses an interest, I'll paint his big toe and even put crackle polish on top. Paint = fun and for everyone. It's impossible to explain to a child that "boys don't paint their toes" so I give high-5's and mad props to any mama who loves their child enough to do this for them. Painting those little nails isn't easy! 

At the nail salon they had Sonic the hedgehog DVD's and DVD players strapped to the kid's chairs, so it was pretty much awesome for Gav. A male nail tech was assigned to Gav and kept complementing him on his choice of colors (gold sparkles for one foot and green sparkles for the other). Saying that in his culture green was a lucky color and also called Gav 'the golden boy.' Gav did AWESOME, sat super still and let mama (me) have a relaxing pedicure for my birthday. Thanks Gav!

When I asked my nail tech if she could do cupcake nail art, she said No to me. Um... WHAT!? She said she could do flowers and butterflies. Gav told me to get a butterfly. I had made my boy-child go to a nail salon, a place where girls hang out and sometimes well-groomed guys... and I was not leaving without cupcakes on my toes. 

So the nice lady did what anyone would do in this case... break out her iPhone and do a google image search of cupcake nail art... duh! hahah. 
I asked if she could do a jewel for the cherry on top of the cupcake and she told me she had something even better... heart shaped jewels! I cannot even tell you how excited this made me. I didn't even know they came in shapes and was overjoyed! She let me pick out my colors of the gems.  

Meanwhile Gav's toes were done. Adorable, right? I told Gav to tell the guy to just do his big toes, but I'm not sure the message came across right. Oh well. Gav likes them. The glitter has almost already fallen all the way off anyhow. Not sure about what the guy did for a topcoat. Or maybe he knew what he was doing not sealing on the glitter for all eternity. 
Gav was left hanging out in the chair and was already bored of his DVD and shut it down. In trying to turn it off he found the massage chair's remote. 

 Gav turned it on and said the chair sounded like it was having 'trumpets' (my nicey-nice word for gas). He thought it was hilarious! PS he had his Lego man in his hand the entire time. I think this gave him strength to get through the pedi, which I'm sure was super ticklish to his tiny toes. 

 And here are my finished toes. I think they are adorable, and the girl did well for her first attempt at cupcake nail art. My toes are ready for my bday weekend! 
Have an awesome weekend and celebrate Cinco de Mayo big for my bday! I'm excited it falls on a Saturday this year!

PS for my nails I did a diy mani with avon and an open paperclip to draw the dots! Manicures (unless they are gel or Sally Hansen stickers) aren't worth paying for because they usually chip immediately.


  1. OMG I love the polka dots! I've never thought of trying that. I used toothpicks before, but they didn't work well. I'm babysitting tonight so maybe I will force the girls to let me try this out!

  2. LOVE your toes! They turned out so cute! I think its adorable that Gav went along and had a pedicure with you, nothing wrong with glitter polish on his cute little toes. Happy early birthday! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating!

  3. Happy almost birthday! I love that you did that with your little man!!

  4. OMG! This is the cutest thing ever. I absolutely love your fingernails and toenails and the fact that your little man got a pedi, too!


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