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So What! Wednesday and Leah's Beach Birthday - Part 3

Posted By: Leah
So What! I can already heard you saying oh... Leah said there were going to be 3 birthday posts this year and she only posted two. HERE and HERE.
So What! Ok actually, you all probably have already forgotten it was my birthday recently, but guess what... I didn't! And I have lots more to share!  I'm including it with my normal So What! Wednesday thrown in too. I know So What! is everyone's fav post of the week. Google analytics tell me so.  

So What! I really like giving you guys awesome background music via youtube videos to play why you scroll through my post. Today's is "Heavy Cross" by Gossip. You know it from the J'Adore commercials with Charlieze and Marilyn. Give it a shot. Seriously, press play below. It starts out sounding like Stevie Nicks strumming "One Winged Dove"... but it's different (and Beyonce sampled Stevie for Bootylicious, so its kinda like that too). 
So What! I took another one of my classic foot shots with BF, this time at the beach. I'm kind of obsessed with foot shots after the one I took last year turned out really well. So well that after I edited it, I had it blown up and put on a canvas. So What! It turned out extra awesome and BF has it hanging in his living room over his fireplace.

(it's the one on the right. From when we were in Time's Square for my bday last year). 
So What! My birthday was far from over when BF and I got back from the beach. My mom had been keeping Gav and made me a super awesome, amazing, layered angel food cake with fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cheesecake and cool whip! 

So What! Gav picked out the best, sparkliest, perfect cupcake candles ever. My mom said they were practically on the floor at the grocery store on the bottom shelf. She said if Gav wasn't there, she never would have seen them.   Thanks Gav! they are perfect!

So What! My mom also indulges me in my Hello Kitty obsession and we got to eat off of amazing HK bday plates :)

So What! Yes I have 2 trash cans. I see you looking at them (or BF on his iPad at the table in a bonnaroo Hulk Hogan themed shirt). If I am going to walk the trash to the dumpster, I want it to be worth  my trip. I want both hands full of trash...I.E. I don't have to take it out very often. 

So What! When I went to work, Lauren had totally decked out my cube for my bday! I was sooo excited! She made tissue paper flowers and hung them from the ceiling, she put up pinwheels, it was a pastel party :) 

So What! Sitting in my chair, looking up, I felt like I was in a canopy of birthday happiness. 
So What! Lauren and I like the exact same things, so she always gives me the cutest stuff!
Thanks again Lauren!
(this was from a craft fair, another example of being Fake Hipsters. Natural Fake Hipster style). 
So What! I wrote THIS POST in the week before my birthday, and my friends/fam have outdone themselves in celebration of ME if I do say so myself :)

So What! I'm actually (amazingly) over talking about myself and my bday already. But guess what??

So What! I helped surprise THIS guy on Monday. Jamie told him they were driving to Ikea, but really she was driving Richie to the airport for a surprise Key West trip! I called the radio station and had them announce  the surprise. Jamie said Richie was crying. Awww, they are the cutest ever! Happy bday Richie!

So What! I feel the need to share Chris L's wedding pics. You can go back to THIS POST  from last week HERE for more info on my super fan status. Anyway, if you haven't seen the pics, but still follow the Bachelorette Bachelors... here they are:
(click to make bigger. Photos from US Weekly's May 14 issue)

So What! I may be the only one thinking this... but why was Roberto at Chris L's wedding? Um Ali gave the final rose to Roberto NOT chris, then Roberto and Ali were engaged! Then Ali broke it off... this is already confusing. I guess Chris L invited him because he was confused about it all too.

So What! I also heard Roberto dates Chris L's godmother currently! WHAT? I can't even deal with this confusion (even thought I kind of want to). Catch up on that story here.

So What! I have one more birthday-related semi-narcissistic thing to say... just because I've heard it AGAIN this week regarding mother's day and I need to mention it...  here's me quoting myself again:
"...People treat you the way you allow them to treat you. If you have high expectations surrounding certain events (such as an anniversary or BIRTHDAY!) it is your own responsibility to let the world know you expect it to be celebrated BIG. And also do what it takes to make it happen (these birthday trips of mine don't book themselves)."


  1. I love your enthusiasm for your own birthday b/c in my mind mine lasts for a whole month!

  2. Love the music while reading. You crack me up, girl!

  3. Yay for extra special birthdays!! But please don't ever post such ugly pics of me ever again! lol. And Roberto and Chris's godmother? WHAT!

    1. hahah whatev! I'm the one w/ the crazy man arm in that pic

  4. I love your SWW list! you've inspired me and gave me new ideas. happy birthday! it's the one day a year you should be center of attention so go with it, girl!

  5. Stopping by from SWW. Happy birthday! Don't let it end now. :)

    Trash can idea--brilliant! Now I just have to convince the hubs.

  6. Leah, I am totally okay with the birthday talk. :) I start reminding people that my birthday is coming up about a month before it happens. And then I insist on being given a 'birthday week' of celebrations. Not to mention I'm obsessed with birthday cake and have been known to buy and eat a whole birthday cake in honor of someone in another state.

  7. Hey, I'm new to your blog and I just thought i'd stop by and say I LOVE IT!! XD

    Sarah at



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