Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So What Wednesday - My Day My Way

Posted By: Leah

For today's So What! Wednesday, I'm doing a birthday edition. All the things I feel like I can say So What! to because it's MY birthday. This day (week, month...) is all about ME! and I LOVE IT!

So What! that I refuse to be at work on my birthday. Scratch that, I refuse to be anywhere except for out of town somewhere warm and awesome on a birthday vacation each year.

So What! That I have been known to book and/or pay for trips myself, just to ensure that I get to be out of town on my bday.

So What! That I sign up for every birthday club, free meal, free dessert; whatever I can get on my birthday.

So What! That my birthday just happens to be an international drinking / party holiday... My birthday is May 5th, Cinco de Mayo!

So What! That I expect a full week of celebration. My birthday runs for the entire first week of May (and sometimes starts the last week of April. My birthday week has already begun for this year). If I see you at any point that week, expect for there to be a good time.

 So What! That my friends indulge me and suprize me each year with amazing showcases of love and celebration.

 So What! That I like to celebrate my bday with Hello Kitty and make no attempt to hide it. Again, my friends have caught on and I'm pretty sure they enjoy getting in on the HK bday fun as well.   

So What! My actual birthday is always SPECIAL. I know I said I celebrate all week... but on my birthday's real, actual day, it's always 24 hours of awesome.
So What! I love sharing in the fun. I know I say my birthday's all about me, but I like to celebrate with other people too!

So What! I LOVE facebook on my birthday. People come out from everywhere and write special wishes on my wall. It's awesome and I feel so lucky to have amazing people who take the time to think of me on my birthday. I have even been known to set my phone to send a notification each time someone posts on my wall that day. It's the best to feel so special.

So What! This post is already sounding very narsassistic. And that's kind of the point. My birthday is a BIG DEAL and it's because I've made it that way.

So What! In my elaborate bday posts and photos on FB there are some haters. Girls saying stuff like 'my husband didn't even remember my birthday. I had to buy my own cake this year...' or 'at our house, we don't celebrate birthdays big once we are adults. my parents don't even buy me gifts anymore.'
So What! I have no problem telling these haters that the way their birthday is celebrated is THEIR decision. People treat you the way you allow them to treat you. If you have high expectations surrounding certain events (such as an anniversary or BIRTHDAY!) it is your own responsibility to let the world know you expect it to be celebrated BIG. And also do what it takes to make it happen (these birthday trips of mine don't book themselves).

So What! That getting older each year makes me get real certain real fast about decisions I need to make in my life. It's no coincidence every job change, relationship change, etc. has happened leading up to or in the weeks or month surrounding my birthday.

So What! I become wayyy more of a b*tch around my birthday. I will tell people exactly how I expect to be treated and what role they are allowed to have in my life.

So What! The only reason I do all this is because I want my birthday to be HAPPY!

So What! I'm pretty excited for what BF has in store for us this year. Even though I don't know exactly what his plans are.

So What! I'm a control freak and will do what I need to do to ensure my bday is awesome each year.

So What! I already had a bday induced freak-out. It's kind of like bridal meltdowns. Except I get to have them every year. I just want to make sure everyone knows that for this one week, yes happy, bubbily Leah will still be there... but I will put up with zero crap.

So What! BF was diagnosed with having a hernia yesterday and then Gav came home throwing up and was diagnosed about 11pm with having the Norovirus. So middle of the night cvs trip for anti-nausia medicine for Gav (plus I completely ran out of towels to clean up his puke) and BF's going to go under the knife soon to get his business fixed. So unfair. But better this all went down now instead of on my actual bday. I am able to handle anything this week, these things were no exception.

So What! Because Gav's sick and can't go to school, I'm missing my own bday luncheon at work. I'm hoping they will reschedule or get me a to go box? hahah 

So What! I had probably the best birthday week(s) last year and you can read about them HERE and HERE. PS the NYC trip is what BF took me on and asked me to be his GF in Brooklyn. Nothing will top that ever.

So What! Yeah... my life is pretty awesome (minus these sick boys). And that's why this blog is called Lovely Life of Leah. I need to make my tagline 'treating every day like it's MY birthday.' Hahahah. Ok probably not.

Link up with Shannon over at LAID and let everyone know what you're saying So What! to this week!


  1. I love birthdays tooo! Not just mine but my important people in my life! Birthdays are about the person born! And when it comes to ME I am a week/month girl too! As for my babies their bdays r in the fall and I am already planning their bday :)

  2. Haha I love this! I hope you have a really wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Leah! You rock!

  4. Looks like you had such a blast! I haven't signed up for many birthday club goodies, but maybe I will now :)

    xo, Samantha

  5. I loved this post! I'm a queen on my birthday too. You get one day each year to justify acting how we all want to act all of the time, so why not take advantage?
    Happy Birthday!!


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