Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So What! Wednesday - on being popular.

Posted By: Leah

So What! I'm popular. Like very popular (sort of). You know how rainbows are the hot theme right now? And clothes are all colorful and bright and stuff? Apparently somehow google got ahold of my blog (oh hi blogger!) and loved my rainbow cupcake post. And I'm suddenly I'm a top rainbow cupcake image. My blog's hitting at 6,000+  views a day for the past 2 months. every day. truth.

So What! Speaking of overwhelming amounts of views for my blog, I'm offering free sponsorships on here for June! WHAT!? crazy talk, right? Nope it's real! Check out my post HERE from yesterday with all the details. You know that while these rainbow cupcake baking fenes are on my blog, they'll be seeing my sponsors on the right too... Just sayin' (and to the amazing ladies who've already contacted me I'm SOO beyond excited. If I could hand-pick who I wanted to swap with you guys would be it! seriously!) 

So What! You wanted to sponsor but you don't have a button, duh I do those too. Just click the post. I hook you guys up. Or make your own. Just make sure it's 265 pixels wide.

So What! I'm still paying to sponsor 2 blogs for June... and I think this helps us all... if exposure is what you're looking for. And I respect so many blogging ladies out there, I'm excited about taking part in their blogs next month... I have 2 giveaways I'm hosting and guest posting... and more!

So What! Last week at work the computer that was supposed to be used for the program I was doing wasn't turning on, so I had my personal laptop (for my own entertainment). And... because the work one was broken, I volunteered mine for the speakers to use at the program. Pretty much everybody in Greensboro, NC (slight exaggeration) got to see my hot-mess of a desktop including  a zillion semi-inapropriate pics of me. Like I said, I'm popular (sort of).

So What! here's an example of said-pics on the laptop. Just a thumbnail hanging out, except on a huge like 10ft x 12ft screen projected it's more like a 2ft x 4ft pic. yikes. (I'm wearing spanks so you can't really see up my skirt... but I didn't have a chance to explain this)

So What! I wear TOMS every single day to work. I have ones that are more 'formal' aka glitter. Ok, I have 5 pairs. It's just because they cover up my HK ink. And they are comfortable.

So What! I heard that kid's toms are cheaper, and possibly have a little different (possibly cuter) shape and different design options. They have really big sizes for girls, like adult sizes. Who knew? I need to look into this more (ok no I don't how many pairs of shoes do I need. I have like 30).

So What! speaking of 30 (weird segway) I feel very very old now that I'm 32. I was cool with 30, cool with 31, but 32's getting to the 'mid 30's' which is practically 40. OMG I need to get productive with my life already!

So What! My city is popular because they're hosting the John Edwards trial. Yay Greensboro, NC. You've gotten to host a trial for the almost vice president.

So What! Remember BF's surgery? post HERE. Well.... he had complications that landed in an exciting passing out in the bathroom episode and a trip to the ER. But the only reason I'm even bringing it up is because he went to the Dr. today who said he's on the road to recovery. Yay BF! I'm ready to do more posts about fun stuff I do with him.

So What! The posts I've done with Gavin recently instead have been very popular.... almost turning me into a Mommy Blogger... but no! I will resist that title always.

So What! I can't believe I've been too busy (home, work, everything) do to a proper Bachelorette post... we're already 2 shows in! But very quickly: I like Arie, Ryan, and Jef (with 1 f). I also like the dude who fell off the porch but I forgot his name :/

So What! I do have my next vlog with Gav done. I really wanted to edit it and make it awesome for you guys, but I have zero time homies :( (I was trying to spell homes but that just sounds like I'm not at home)

So What! It feels good to be busy. I'd much rather be busy than sitting home watching Rachael Ray, Nate someone I've never heard of, Wendy Williams... you know the line up.

So What! I've gotten some feedback on how narcissistic my blog is (speaking of me being popular). Uh DUH! Have you seen the title? It's the lovely life of LEAH. If you don't want to read about me talking about cool stuff I'm doing... read something else in your free time. And um... have you ever met me, it's pretty much the Leah Show. OOH that would have been a good blog name. Dang...

What are you saying So What! to this week? 


  1. I have to use my laptop for so many meetings at work and my desktop is my dog playing in a kiddie pool. Not risque but def not work appropriate. Whatevs. Haha. And on the haters, fluff 'em. Obviously they have too much time on their hands if they are contacting you to tell you how much they think you suck. Get a hobby people!

  2. I love your blog, Leah! What's wrong with a little narcissim anyway? Seriously.

    1. Aww thanks! I agree, if you don't promote yourself in this world, nobody else will :)

  3. Ummmm I think the kids Toms are WAY cuter than the adults, WAY!

  4. Isn't being popular being rough?! That's by "Popular" is my favorite song from the Wicked soundtrack. :) Btw, I highlighted you on my blog today. Check it out!

  5. visiting from SWW. congrats on so many hits! that's awesome! i'll be checking out your sponsorships.


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