Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So What! Wednesday - Stank Face

Posted By: Leah
For today's So What! Wednesday, I'm doing my Stank Face edition... Look at my pic above... yeah that's what's going on. Ok  nothing in my life is actually really giving me that face... but sometimes I just can't help it. I'm so overly dramatic about so much stuff I just tip the scale from 'lovely face' to 'stank face.' It happens.

So What! My vlog went over super well yesterday and I've gotten sooo many calls, txts, emails etc. about doing another one. Now I need to figure out the editing software I downloaded on my ipad. yikes! Check out my & Gav's  vlog HERE if you missed it. And yes, it's super embarassing to watch. I'd give myself stank face for acting like I do.

So What! I got the hook-up on 50 shades of grey (pdf) and I haven't read any of it yet.

So What! I asked a blog-friend to tell me where the racy stuff was, because me sitting down to 350 pgs reading a pdf doesn't sound all that exciting or possible right now. PS - she said it starts on pg. 55!

So What! I have had a headache on and off for the past few weeks. The only thing that makes it better is if I have my eyes shut for 30 min+ or put in new contacts. Pretending I'm a Dr. I diagnosed myself with vision-induced headaches. Giving myself stank face for getting headaches for no real reason.

So What! at the beach for my bday I couldn't ever really relax without my cell phone in my lap. I was so worried about Gav because he'd been so sick that I was positive if I walked away from my phone, I'd get a call saying he was needing more medicine or something. Side Note - Gav was fine the whole time. Giving myself the stank face for being worried without reason. He was fine when I left.

So What! I really love coconut water, but the kind I got at Trader Joe's is kind of gross. I mean not awful, but not really sweet and it seems extra 'unripe' tasting. But I'm drinking it anyway.
This is the kind I have. gross.

This is the kind I like. Who knew they were each so different?

So What! I've eaten the most crap recently. Ok that also could be leading to my headaches... no fruits or veggies. But eating crap makes me very very happy. It's my bday week (still... technically!) so I'm eating what I want and if that's goat cheese for dinner then yes! I'm giving myself stank face for 1- the unhealthyness of it but 2- goat cheese... really? I mean how boujie can I get?

So What! I'm still not sick of Instagram. I follow the right balance of IRL people I know, bloggers who post nonstop, and celebrities to keep it entertaining.

So What! I went ahead and made myself a FB fan page for this blog. Go on and like me HERE. I'll give you the stank face if you don't. Don't be all reading my blog, not taking any ownership other than to be a voyer of my life unless you are prepared to give me some kind of feedback, support... see... you're already getting stank face. Just go click the ads at the bottom of this page so I'll earn $0.0001 and we'll be even. For today! hahah :)

So What! I'm very seriously considering getting business cards for my blog. WHY!? I know you're wondering. Well I do a lot of review type posts. Everything from places I eat, stores, etc. And how great would it be to present my extra adorable card and say I'll be doing a review on xyz date, and to spread the word to that store?! Right now I just tell people and they write it on a postit and probably lose it. Also, the cards will be soo adorable, over-sized (dye cut?) that the people will want to display them as art and never throw them away. maybe.

So What! I keep thinking about a cadbury egg I have left over from Easter. Not sure if the chocolate will take away my headache, but I could try it?

So What! I've had J. Cole and Childish Gambino in my head all day. I saw each of them 2 times this past year. My life really is lovely. This is my post on TI & J. Cole.

This is a pic from J. Cole @ Bonnaroo (untouched)

This is Childish Gambino from the same night:

So What! I could be wrong, but I feel certain I've been to better concerts than everybody else I know. I saw Lil Wayne 2 times in 2 months last year. What!? yeah. this is real. Plus... Bonnaroo last year had seriously the best line-up ever. I am semi-bummed we aren't going again this year. But interested to read up a little more on going to Firefly. It's sooo no bonnaroo. But the timing might be better this year.
So What! I know these are all from like 5 yrs ago. And I actually dislike the Black Keys (yup, seen them too). The rest of the world likes them and I can see you giving me the stank face for even saying this.

So What! In less than a week it'll be bf's and my official for real anniversary of us in NYC when we were in brooklyn (ok not nyc) and he asked me (actually more like told me) I could be his gf. Catch up on that mushy blog post HERE. Yeah, I can see you giving me the stank face of jealousness.

So What! this weekend we're going out eat to a fancy pants place in honor of all that. Hoping BF will be better.

So What! BF's hernia has been hurting him BAD. Like extra bad times. So bad he couldn't even eat or drink on my bday. Well except for ginger ales. Sad times. Don't worry, I ate and drank for the both of us.

So What! I STILL haven't done my bday beach pictures post yet. I promise it's coming soon! Stop giving me the stank face. It'll happen!

So What! be prepared to be jealous again... BF brought me Amalie's all the way from Charlotte to the beach and surprised me on my bday. He wins at life. Well his insides don't win. Intestines pushing themselves out giving him a hernia. Bad stuff.

So What! Everyone I know voted against Amendment 1 passing in NC... and it passed anyway. I am not into social activism or politics, but this amendment affects single mamas like myself. Any law/amendment that does not look out for the best interest of kids, is not okay to pass. And somehow this one did. So this So What! is actually a Yikes! NC's in the news today for bad bad reasons :(

So What! I feel guilty for not including as many pictures as I normally do for my So What! posts, but I just can't do it today.

So What! PicMonkey's totally my new Picnik. Thank you to everyone who recommended it. It doesn't have the collage feature or all the crazy festive stuff. But the editing part is pretty sweet. Stank face to Picnik for shutting down. I don't care that you say you went to Google Plus for photos. Who even uses that?

So What! I'm really eating a cadbury egg right now. Headache totally gone. Truth. Stankface it's 11:45pm.

So... So What! to all of this. Boom. In your face. Stank face.

So What! I don't know what any of that even meant. And I've never actually used the term 'stank face' ever. Is this even real? Isn't it 'stank eye"? ugh who knows.

So What! I really like Abed and Troy... and Troy's Childish Gambino. Cool. Cool cool cool.
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  1. New Follower =] - and are you from SC? (U referred to Charleston in ur vlog and being Southern) - i'm from Columbia!

    1. Awesome! Thank you soo much for following me :) I'm in NC! I'm from Charlotte but live in Greensboro right now.

  2. OMG, "I just tip the scale from 'lovely face' to 'stank face.'" made me LOL at my desk! I also die for those business cards. I would keep one forever and I would totally want some for myself.

  3. Love your blog!!! :) BTW Do you think you can send me the pdf copy of 50 shades of gray?p pleeease :) TIA!!! :)


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