Tuesday, June 12, 2012

12 Week Shape Up Week 1 - Join Me!

Posted By: Leah

What are you doing for the next 12 weeks? I'm getting myself Cali-ready! And you can too!

It was a week ago today that I booked our California vacation. I said I was going to eat healthy and I have, sort-of. But I realized that there's 12 weeks until we are in San Diego and I have just enough time to go on a real Cali Shape-Up Plan. Yes, I know diets don't work, and to maintain long-term weight-loss you must make little changes, etc. ...
But here are the facts:
1- I'm going to California, land of bikini bodies, in September (12 weeks)
2- I plan on having A LOT of pictures taken of me while in Cali.
3- I am perfectly okay with how I look now, however I know I need to tone it up.
4- I have gained about 20 lbs since I began dating BF a year ago (he cooks me delicious foods that are healthy, but I've also gotten back on meat/dairy)
5- Why not step it up for the next 12 weeks? Why should I not look my best on my trip?
6- Do you want to join me in support and accountability for the next 12 weeks?
This is not crash-diet and that absolutely is not what I'm doing. Yes, I am going to be intensely focused for the next 12 weeks on being the best I can be. However I will not over-exert myself physically, nor deprive myself nutritionally to reach the end result. I have been on many diets in the past and lost weight many times... and gained it all back.  I know what I need to do.

I absolutely do not think I will realistically be losing 2 lbs a week for the next 12 weeks to equal 24 lbs. But 14 would be okay! Why? Because that is how much I need to lose to be back at my Weight Watchers lifetime goal weight. And I got there in 3 months before. Actually, every time I've been successful losing weight I've had an 'end' in sight. Always a trip or an event or both. And if I lost just 10 lbs in the next 12 weeks I'd be happy. I can hear you thinking in your head 'Wait, Leah doesn't have that much to lose' well yes and no. I am a huge fan of Photoshopping myself, flattering angles, and lets face it, I'm a girl with curves for sure. I have weighed much less than I would even if I lost the 14 lbs... so no need to worry about me wasting away to nothing (I could lose 24 lbs and still have more to go. but I won't discuss my body issues anymore).

I've added a little ticker here and also to the bottom of my right-hand column that I will update a minimum of twice a week. Once on Tuesdays for this post and once on Fridays for Foxy Friday. When I was successful on LA Weight Loss, losing 22 lbs in 12 weeks (what!? Yup) I weighted-in with them three times a week... MINIMUM. And I'll be doing that here too.

Disclaimer: Please talk to your physician before starting any exercise or diet routine. I am not a professional and I can only share  my experiences as they have happened to me. 

SOOOoOOOooooo..... What are you doing for the next 12 weeks? Yes, I KNOW we are already in bathing suit season. And I'm okay with this. I feel perfectly comfortable in a bathing suit in North Carolina. I want to go to Cali feeling confident, happy, and successful. If I flew out there today I'd be happy for sure! But not as confident as I'd like.

So join me on this 12 week Shape Up! Comment below if you're ready to begin. If I get a lot of participation I'll include a linky next week. If I don't get a lot of participation, that's cool too... just like everything on this blog, I do it for Me :)  Regardless if you join up or not, please follow my journey for the next 12 weeks as I do what I know is healthy. I'll be putting down the cupcakes and picking up some fruit!

PS - Um... yesterday was my 500th post and I missed it. I was going to have a really awesome ... something. giveaway? who knows? So I'm going to celebrate my 555th post. Why? Because 5's my fav number. It'll be in a few months, so I have more time to plan. 

ANYWAY... Each week of these 12 weeks we'll have a mission. 
Week 1: Fruit till Noon!

This means eating nothing but fresh, raw fruits from the time you wake up until Noon (or whenever you eat your lunch). I talk about this A LOT and it is the one thing I truly believe in. I have done many, many posts on it in the past. Feel free to research it on your own or click HERE for a comprehensive post I wrote on it with all the details a couple of years ago.

Good luck, have fun and watch me shrink!

Other Missions I'm currently rocking (we'll discuss these soon)
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  1. interesting i might have to try this!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I'll definitely be along for the 12 week ride! I'm off to Ireland in September and I'm already on my own shape-up program, but extra motivation always helps! Although, I'll have to change up the missions sometimes if they pertain to food as I eat mainly paleo. Best of luck! It's always fun to have people to do this with!

    1. Ireland! Omg fun! yeah the more motivation the better, right :)

    2. Exactly! :) Motivation is great! I went out and bought fruit last night so here I go on the fruit only before lunch!

  4. Of course I'll join you! You've been SO supportive of mine. Sidenote... I ate fruit for breakfast and I am eating fruit for a snack. I did however mix it with yogurt. Sorry dude... I'm starving even WITH the yogurt (and coffee). Eh... I'm trying!

    1. hahah no prob! you need to have a TON of fruit. I'm talking like more than you'd ever think you'd need. Multiple bananas, melons, berries, whatever you can get your hands on. You want to be pretty much stuffed on fruit. It will get better as your body adapts. I never have been much of a breakfast person so I can get by on like 2 pieces before noon. Don't give up and no on yogurt and coffee. It's gotta be fruit time all the time. You'll have crazy energy. Just give it a couple days. I PROMISE :)

  5. OMG u r coming to Cali - that is where I live about 1 hour from San Diego - hint hint :) hehe! So happy for your missions! I am actually trying/doing okay with the fruit before noon! I like it so far - Just have to stock up!!!

  6. I'm in!!!! I actually was planning on working out after work today. That will be for the first time in about... 2 years? Hmm.. Good luck to you! I can't wait to follow the journey!

  7. Hey there - just getting to reading this so i'm starting today! Fruit only til lunch (which is one or two most days around here). Gotcha!

  8. Go girl! :) Having not done all that well on my Texas diet--and having eaten all my fave foods while in said Texas--I should probably dive back into the diet world.

  9. This is awesome...count me in! I've been on a weightloss journey since January and aside from eating much healthier I've also made two lifestyle changes: I quit drinking diet soda (or any soda) in January and I quit having caffeine daily back in March. I was also on a big 3 month long sponsored slim and lost 28 pounds during that. But I've been struggling since it ended 6 weeks ago. This might be just the thing I need to get me back on track!


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