Monday, June 4, 2012

Bachelorette - Bermuda

Posted By: Leah

I'm live-Blogging this right now. Between me shrieking and yelling at the TV, someone else needs to be here too. I need to get a group of girlfriends to watch this with. But until then, I'm live blogging with all of you!

Tonight I have some new revelations about some of the guys:
Doug (beady eyes)- Emily keeps saying he's so perfect. On his one on one with her and she was putting him on the spot with questions, his 'too perfect' answers were disgusting. Him saying his ex-GF didn't like that he didn't wash her car enough? That he spent too much time with his kid? Gag me. And her reply when he asked her what her faults were, that she doesn't work out? that she wears PJ's to the grocery store? Knives in my eyes. Chris called him "over the top humble."  Hopefully he'll miss his kid too much and go home.

Ryan- He WAS a favorite. I take it all back. Ryan's a tool. He's so full of himself that it's not even funny. And when he was 'flirting' and Emily was trying to get a word in... my lord, his Georgia accent and her West Va (and NC) accent was too much. Yes this is how people speak where I'm from, but GROSS! Too much back woods country talk. Courtney drops these lines on me at work. Stuff about 'sweatin like a whore in church' 'hotter than 2 squirrels screwin' in a wool sock' ... you get the idea. Ryan sweats all the time. His face is glistening and I want to throw up. At the end he just sealed it that he was bad news. Saying he'd go home and do publicity appearances due to being on the Bachelorette. He's a super creep. Totally a Justin 'Rated R' Type (throwback bachelorette quote).

Jef- I like him because he's the closest to alternative or the hipster of the group. But on the beach, with his weird rockabilly haircut blowing in the wind. It was not a good look. Jef needs to get a more practical haircut. I also am getting a feminine vibe from him. All of the guys are 'pretty' but Jef could wear eyeliner and rock out to Adam Lambert and I wouldn't think it was weird. I'm not saying he's gay, he is kind of neither. OH! and speaking of Jef as a 'neither' can we talk about how he didn't kiss her? He was giving her the 'eye' It's like the guy tries to make such good eye-contact before he kisses a girl. Awkward, but I love it!

Arie- Swoon. This was my #1 choice from the 1st episode. He's the total package. And he's a racecar driver, but Indy car, totally cool. He's pretty funny too. Yes, he's like a model (ok maybe he just reminds me of 'Ders on Workaholics) because he's Norwegian. But he seems very genuine. Very nice. He's the one who lives with his ex-gf and her two young kids. I just like him best!

**Am I the only one who noticed that when Jef and Emily as well as Arie and Emily were on the beach, they were wrapped in the same blanket? PS it's from Ikea. I'm sure all these guys douse themselves in mad-cologne. 

I have heard a lot of girls saying they think Shawn is hot. I think he can be from a distance... almost in a Paul Walker 10 years ago way. But then when he smiles, he reminds me of someone I used to work with. And no, you'll have to message me to who that is. But not attractive. sorry ladies who like him. I don't.

So the quinoa discussion on the 2 on one date with Nate and John. Omg awkward! I never noticed either of these guys before and could care less who goes home. I remember my favorite 2 on 1 date with 'guard and protect your heart' Casey (who had a speech impediment) and Rated R Justin the two-timing Canadian wrestler (yes these were from Ali's season, best season ever). AND I love Canadians! this is the 2nd time in a week I've said not so nice things... I can't help that the only Canadians I know from reality TV are Mystery from The Pick Up Artist and Justin from the Bachelorette. Ok, back to Nate who just was sent home on the 2 on one date. Him crying over missing his family, and he doesn't have a kid. Man up dude. Nobody cares.

During the commercials Jordan Knight kept singing about Old Navy Boardwalk Dresses. They are cute, I want one! And Jordan (from NKOTB) sang "what's your sign... taurus" which my mom will like. She has a classic story about me playing barbies saying 'hey baby what's your sign?" "kukamunga in south dakota." Yup. Things Little Leah has said.

Also, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World movie looks good. I know I said last week in So What! Wednesday that I didn't like movies. ... but I think I like the idea of this one. Like if the world was ending, what would you do? Who would you be with?

I like how during the rose ceremony everyone gave Ryan the evil eye. I mean duh they told Emily to keep him. He keeps it exciting. Kalon the 'luxury brands consultant' isn't exciting anymore.

..... OK WHAT!!!!!
WTF why didn't she keep Charlie!!!!!?!?!?!?!?! 

Mother Trucker! 
What did Charlie do wrong?
I get it that she is sending Alejandro home, but Charlie!?
My heart is beating like crazy I'm so upset! 

What did he do wrong? he's such a solid choice! 
Sarah! Charlie's in Nashville... go find him (ok he's like 10 yrs older than you, whatev!) 

Excited for London next week!
See you for more live Bachelorette chat then!


  1. Oh my, this post is epic! I am so happy to have found another Bachelor/ette fan!

    Ok, Doug. Used to like him, but watching him get all worked up over nothing was a huge turn off. Now I just want him to go.

    Ryan = TOOL. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but definitely the biggest.

    Nate... who are you??? Doesn't matter, as soon as you started crying I knew you were done-zo.

    Alejandro? You look like a rat, and last night was the first time I've heard you speak. You won't last.

    Jef, I think you're precious, but the mop top flapping in the wind made me gag a little. He has that shy vibe that Emily has, so I could see them working but not for the long haul.

    Sean, you're cute and sweet and southern but I just don't dig guys with blond eyebrows. It's a dealbreaker. Sorry!

    Arie - I like skinny guys, he has that dreamy vibe, but I read Reality Steve so I am torn as to whether or not I can love you.

    Poor Charlie!!! He was one of my favorites. Please go on Bachelor Pad so you can have more TV exposure and find a nice girl.

  2. OH I LOVE Arie too!
    I love Emily, but I am just not seeing "THE guy" for her yet. Hopefully, with more time (and better editing) things will look up for her:)


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