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Bands for Arms - Bracelets Created from Uniforms

Posted By: Leah

 I was absolutely HONORED to receive this awesome Bandsfor Arms bracelet from Sharee of MomFITtingItallIN.  When I received the package in the mail I knew it was SPECIAL. Really special. 

 Bands for Arms is an organization of volunteers who hand-make bracelets using old, donated military uniforms. Each bracelet is one of a kind, made from a uniform once worn by a United States Service Member. The goal of Bands for Arms is to show support for the men and women in ARMS by wearing a bracelet made from a used uniform. For each bracelet sold, Bands for Arms will donate a portion to military organizations and cherities. Bands for Arms is a project that was created to ‘last as long as Service Members are in Need.’ Their promise to heroes will continue regardless of wartime or peacetime. As long as they’re fighting for us, Bands for Arms will continue to create bracelets.

Pretty cool right? Sharee had blogged about owning 20 bracelets made from her husband’s old uniforms! She constantly incorporates them into her personal and professional style. The bracelet I received is so cool, it’s a striped pattern created from several uniform colors…. Camo, utility blues, etc. 

 It wasn’t until I posted a picture of the card included with the bracelet on instagram that I realized how special this bracelet truly was. I re-read it that I realized Sharee sent me a bracelet made from her husband’s own uniforms! I was absolutely floored and honored. I loved this bracelet so much already but when I realized it was created from her husband’s uniforms from being in the Marines, I was blown away. It is sooo touching that she has shared a piece of her husband’s uniform, part of her family, with me! I am so grateful to  Sharee's husband and all the service men and women. 

 (I blurred out Sharee's husband's name and info)

So how can you get a Bands of Arms bracelet and how can you get one made out your family member’s uniform?

HERE is the site to order a bracelet and if you go HERE and scroll over to (31-35), that is where the information on having bracelets custom made is located. Each uniform you send in can make up to 40 bracelets, and your cost is $8 each bracelet. You’ll just send in the service man or woman’s information and a card will be included to let the recipient know more about the hero who wore the uniform. Don’t need (or want to buy all) 40 bracelets? You may donate the remaining uniform pieces to create other bracelets. The bracelts come in a variety of styles and colors. I’m partial to mine with the stripes, but here are some more of the 95+ styles you can choose from:



Thank you again Sharee for sending me such an amazingly special gift. I am truly honored. I will always wear this bracelet proudly and I can't wait to tell more people about Bands for Arms! 

 Hello cuties! These are Bands for Arms volunteers from the Marines - Alpha Company 1st Platoon.


  1. Those are neat. As a daughter of a veteran, I need one. They are cuties. Here, near where I live, is a marine base.. YOU WOULD LOVE IT! ;)

    Oh, got my clips, wearing the blue one today. They are AWESOME! Thanks so much!

  2. Ahh LEAH Thank you very much. It means the world to me that you like it so much. I am so proud of my hubby and EVERY service man/woman! The bracelet was made out of everyone of his uniforms - it was amazing what Bands for Arms did with them! Thank you for making an entire post on this!! AMAZING!

    1. Sharee, what a great way to not just support the troops and their families, but to honor them too. I'm definitely going to share this post and your info over on my blog!

  3. Leah, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! You, and Sharee, brought tears to my eyes. With several members of the military in my family, 2 deployed right now, I'm definitely going to share this info and highlight your post.

  4. That is amazing! What an incredible and creative way to show support for our troops.

  5. Thank you for posting this! As the owner of Bands For Arms, I am honored. As a US Navy Sailor, I am proud to be serving for people like you

    Nick III
    Owner, B4A


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