Friday, June 29, 2012

Foxy Friday - No Excuses

Posted By: Leah

I'm linking up with Down at Fraggle Rock for Foxy Friday again this week. I want to continue my discussion from my Tuesday Shape-up post on being Accountable.

Although I'm mainly talking about being accountable for diet and fitness, I also want to talk about being successful in other areas of life as well.

You are responsible for your success. Yes, we can have all the excuses in the world, but at the end of the day, YOU are the only one who is responsible for your actions. You are the only one truly in control of your choices and behaviors. Of course there are outside conditions, that delicious cheesecake you were given, the free samples at the store, but you are the one who chooses to eat them or not.

But here's where it gets tricky... it's being responsible 'either way.' Yes, it's sooo easy to claim responsibility when things go well. But when they don't, that's when the excuses show up. And that is one of the main reasons I'm having my own shape-up weekly link up as well as participating in K's link-up. I need to hold myself responsible and accountable, publicly two times a week, I post on my weight loss twice. If it was only 1 time a week, I'd be more likely to indulge and then figure I could get the weight off by my next week's weigh in. Maybe I could, maybe I couldn't. Maybe I'd stop getting on the scale all together. By making my accountability public, I am responsible for keeping this up.

Also, in addition to being responsible 'either way' we need to be responsible for 'what is.' We are unable to change our pasts and what led us to this point. What we have to do is accept the hand we were dealt and go from there. Yes, life can be unfair. I wish a whole lot of things in my life were different and I'm sure you do too. But guess what? Once we accept 'what is' we are then free to move ahead.

So how does this affect you and affect me with being accountable? We need to allow ourselves to be self-empowered enough to be responsible for our actions. When you stop assigning blame, and become accountable to yourself, the excuses will go away. Be truthful, police yourself, and more than anything, look inward instead of outward when addressing any issues or challenges.

By being accountable and not making excuses, you are able to achieve anything you want. Whether it is weight loss or anything else you hope to achieve. I believe in you. I hope you believe in me. We're in this together.


  1. You've got a good point there Missy! I do whatever I want on Saturdays and Sundays because I know I don't have to weigh in for almost an entire week. I need to stay on board and NOT down beer, wine, and pizza like it's my job! OK... I'm in it to win it.
    P.S. I think you should make us a new fancy blog button for Foxy Friday. Mine suuuuuuucks!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement! I really enjoyed how I wrote about having an excuse and the next day your positive guest blog was about not having excuses! You help motivate me! Thank you :)


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